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January 31st 2015
Published: February 4th 2015
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January 31, 2015

We leave today. I tried to cram the gifts people had given me into my bag: two drums (one for me, one for the ETI Board), two wall hangings, a package to deliver to a Tanzanian living in Minnesota, a large handbag and a dress. I downloaded some clothes, shoes and other items and made space. Every millimeter in my suitcase was used and then some. I stashed my clothes for the winter and for the flights into another bag along with some reading material, iPad and other carry on items and was ready to go. We enjoyed one last breakfast at the hotel, then loaded up the van (ten of us total) to head to Mutukula. Brighton arrived and shared that his father in law was in town so he arranged for a driver to take us to Mutukula. So we said our goodbyes. Bishop and Dean Yorum also showed up and said "goodbye". A nice farewell. With full hearts and eager to see home, we drove away from Kayanga.

Two hours later we arrived at Mutukula, the Tanzania/Uganda border. We presented our passports to the Tanzanian customs office and were approved immediately. We left the office, were told that the driver would meet us at the Uganda customs office, so walked to that office. We completed the necessary paperwork, presented our passports, paid our entry fee ($50.) and were approved. Once 'stamped' we left the office and went outside to wait for Ben, our driver from Kampala who would bring us to Entebbe. Ben arrived right away and greeted everyone. We put the bags in his vehicle, said our last farewells to our Tanzanian friends, especially Linda, Eluid and Edina and hopped into Ben's vehicle. I know it will be at least a year before I see them all again. Couldn't help but notice: The air conditioning felt fabulous! On the road again.

We stopped at the equator for a good lunch of fried chicken, rice, and local fare. I supported the local economy and bought a small hand-made giraffe made from bright fabric for my granddaughter. The tag claimed that proceeds go to orphans in Uganda. Onward to Entebbe.

We arrived at the airport in good shape. I paid Ben, he thanked me for trusting him to drive; we said our goodbyes and headed into the airport to wait in the cafe. We checked in at 7:45 p.m. and headed to the air-conditioned Karibuni Lounge where we would spend our last three hours in Africa, clean up, and have complimentary food and drinks, check in with our ofamilies, and check email. Our plane boarded and took off on time at 11:55 p.m. We landed in Amsterdam about 6:00 a.m.


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