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March 23rd 2007
Published: March 23rd 2007
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Elise at the Top of AfricaElise at the Top of AfricaElise at the Top of Africa

Elise was the first one of our group to reach the summit!!

Hi all! I know it has been a long time since I blogged (is that REALLY a verb now?) and many things have changed. First of all, I no longer travel alone. I travel with Princess Elise, my girlfriend and best friend.

We have seen a fair bit of the planet recently and failed to blog! We are planning to go back and create small entries, with photos, of some of our missed trips.

For now, however, we sit in Zanzibar recovering from a gruelling few weeks that included the successful summit of Kilimanjaro (yes, the tallest mountain in Africa) and visits to a variety of cool places including the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater (yes, again).

In Zanzibar we started of near Stone Town but have since moved to Nungwi which is so much like Gili Trawangan that there are moments where I have to remind myself that I am still in Africa. The beaches are better than Gili but the service and locals are, sadly, not. Customer service here is, well, a term yet to be discovered.

I have attached a few pictures of our recent travels and we will post some
A nice view from Kili SummitA nice view from Kili SummitA nice view from Kili Summit

There are many great views from the Top!
updates soon.


Eric (and Elise)

Additional photos below
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Elise with GlacierElise with Glacier
Elise with Glacier

They say the Glacier's are shinking -- they still look mighty big up close and personal.
Elise (Kili is behind her now...)Elise (Kili is behind her now...)
Elise (Kili is behind her now...)

This was the view from our post summit resort... the resort (Kilimankaro) left a bit to be desired, but the view was... judge for yourself.
Steve the Lionheart!Steve the Lionheart!
Steve the Lionheart!

I took this shot of our friend Steve in the Ngorongoro Crater a few weeks ago...

23rd March 2007

What a life your able to lead!!! Thank you so much for a small peak into the window of your adventures through this blog. Bruce
24th March 2007

Bravo and nice to see you ~ again
Lovely to read stories of your travels and to once again awe at your fine photo talents ~~ Elise is stunning by the way thank you for sharing her with us too. Simply had to have a giggle of you visiting Kilimankaro, do you remember me telling the story of our kitten Kibo and how he got his name?!? He was the poor kitty that crawled into the "beer" fridge was sat there all day between the door of the fridge and the broken freezer compartment which had created its own ice wall.....hence Kibo for the ice wall of Kilimankaro, looking foward to future pic's and stories and all the very very best to such a glamorous, adventorous couple. oxoxox Lia
26th March 2007

Set the pace!
WOW! Sounds like you two are having a great time. Funny that you are doing exactly what my husband and I are planning for this September 07! Can't wait to see more from you. What operator did you climb/safari with?? Curious.
26th March 2007

Tour Operator
Hi there... well, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Prepare... some last minute things not on every "Kili Kit List" include Wet Wipes, Sarong, Hand Warmers.... The tour operator was Bush 2 Beach... excellent guys. Speak to Chris.. if you search Bush 2 Beach on SKYPE you will find them there.
4th April 2007

thanks so much for sharing. You made it Elise!!! You must have pushed everyone aside to be the first to the top...LOL..beautiful as ever...as is the view..."-)...Love it! so did you have that panick attack toward the top? I'm sure you two cuddled in your birthday suits to stay warm...LOL...Will miss you two in Mexico!! Can't believe your travels...remarkable. keep enjoying and sharing...Luv Cindy

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