5000-Year-Old Graffiti at Kolo

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March 29th 2007
Published: March 29th 2007
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5000-Year-Old Graffiti at Kolo

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March 29th 2007
A long drive, a long hike, searing heat and then three caves with 5000-year-old graffiti. I was really moved by these paintings. Zebra, giraffes, people, animal traps and even some bizarre rape-like sexual ritual painting covered the walls of these small caves.

The cave paintings are, of course, not as stunning or amazing as those I experienced at Lascaux (Time Machine....), partially because they are not so well protected as those in Lascaux and also because from an art perspective they are significantly more simple.

Still, at 5000 years old, it is rather awe inspiring to see what they saw through their own artwork. I have included a few pictures to save you bouncing down the road to Kondoa.
Tomorrow we continue the hunt for bushmen...

Additional photos below
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Zebra or HorseZebra or Horse
Zebra or Horse

Our guide said that this was a Zebra... I wonder. The giraffes were either outlines or complete with patterns -- this Zebra is a painted solid colour. Is it a horse?
Animal TrapsAnimal Traps
Animal Traps

There were several pictures of what our guide referred to as animal traps -- and this one of what appears to be an animal getting into a trap.

This is an interesting painting. There are three men and a woman. Two of the men are holding the woman and the third man is... well, take a closer look.

1st April 2007

Eric should be ashamed
You should be ashamed putting all that Graffiti on the walls. Can't you draw better? No wonder you have had to resort to photography.
1st April 2007

Absolutely incredible rock art. The communication is so startling clear. I have seen rock art here in Arizona but none of it is pegged as 5000 years old like these are. Great photographs. Thanks for taking me to this cave with you through your photographs.

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