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March 17th 2007
Published: March 17th 2007
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Swinging chair and turquoise watersSwinging chair and turquoise watersSwinging chair and turquoise waters

How about order a beer and wait swinging in this chair?
Who, during a very hot day, has never dreamt about being in a paradise island with white sand beaches full of palm trees and with an ocean of warm crystal clear waters?
Now, let's add a little bit more information to this dream. The ocean is the Indian Ocean, the language they speak in this Island includes the words "Hakuna Matata" (Yes, the Disney movie "Lion King" took from here these words) and massages are offered in the beach.... hehehe.

Well, as you may imagine already, we have been to such a place. No kidding!! We have pictures to prove it... hahaha.

The island name is Zanzibar (Belongs to Tanzania) and the beach is Nungwe. We stayed there for about four days. But, nothing is perfect. Zanzibar is an expensive place for backpacking. You cannot find a place for less then 10 dollars per person per night and food usually you spend around 8 dollars for a good meal. And hassle is pretty frequent (the feeling didn't change much from the first time we been to Tanzania).

Zanzibar is unquestionably gorgeous and the company we had during our stay made it even better. Their we met part

Just a glipse of the local flora.
of the group of Norwegian girls we met in ChaChaCha backpackers in Lusaka, the group with took the Ilala ferry in Malawi, the French we met in Dar es Salaam and a group of overlanders (Translation: people that cross Africa with tour packages inside big trucks) we met in Stone Town. What can be better tham stay in a paradise place, drinking beer with friends? It's a pity that lasted so short.

Besides Nungwe, we stayed two days in Stone Town. The city is built in a very interesting way. It’s composed of mainly narrow pass ways in between old two or three store buildings. We got lost more than 5 times per hour...hehehe. The pass ways are far from being straight like a chess board. The city has also Sultans and slave trade in its history. We visited the Anglican Cathedral where in the old time was situated the most important slave market of Eastern Africa and the palace of the Sultan (yes, he also had an Harem).

Our plan of going to Comoros and Madagascar hitch-hiking a boat had to be aborted. We manage to find boats going to where we wanted in the Dar es
Catching up in readingCatching up in readingCatching up in reading

Maria (Norway) reading in front of cholos bar.
Salaam port, but what we didn't manage was to get it to a price that was worth doing it. 😞

Additional photos below
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From left to right: Fernando, Therese (Sweeden), Andrew (Tanzania), Linn (Sweeden)
Hotel in the beach frontHotel in the beach front
Hotel in the beach front

We didn't stayed at this hotel, but it was next door.
Nungwe beachNungwe beach
Nungwe beach

This is the beach of nungwe in Zanzibar. How about a boat ride?
Boat maintenanceBoat maintenance
Boat maintenance

The locals reform their boats in the beach during low tide.

29th March 2007

I'm in London and it's raining. Good to see you're still having a rocking time. Xxx
30th March 2007

Guys, where u at? I miss Africa big time. I cant belive we´ve been home for over 2 weeks already. Sweden is getting close to spring and the weahter is greate. Not like Zanzibar though ;) Take care.. SKÅL!!
30th March 2007

christ i knew i should have followed ye into Africa. Looks nice lads! ich wohne im Munich jetz, ich fange arbeiten montag. wasnt i meant to be in New zealand now? Enjoy the beach my friends
5th April 2007

Safari njema boys.. where are u now? i'm off off to nz in 2 weeks, maybe i'll see you there?! :) xxx
16th April 2007

I saw your last blog from Ethiopia on your way to Djibouti. I am just wondering if you going/went to Eritrea from Djibouti? It's my country and I wish I was there to welcome you:((( Unfortunately travelling in Eritrea can be discouraging. Despite the governments desire to develope tourism, they have put so many regulations (visa, travel permit etc...) for "security reasons" (conflict with Ethiopia) that it is hard for independent tourists like you. I hope you go there anyways...it is a beautiful country with nice people:) If you are continuing to Asia from there, you can fly to Yemen and/or Dubai from Eritrea. Make sure you get a travel permit to cross Eritrea from Embassy in Djibouti.

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