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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City November 24th 2022

Literally. No metaphor here. We visited Zanzibar before, and now have visited Zanzibar again. Here are some highlights of the trip. - We stayed at the Dhow Palace Hotel (got a great deal by calling direct even when the booking sites said it was all full). This was literally the palace of a man who built it in the mid-1600s. His family kept it for about 200 years before it was taken over by his clan. Now it is a private hotel. Very cool place with lots of quirks, secrets, and fun antiques on display. - We found a great community shop run by this Rastaman. It's all local arts and crafts for sale to tourists like us. Some special stuff in here. I got the boys new shirts and gifted the owner with a portrait ... read more
Rad old mirrors
Community shop
Rastaman connect

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City November 24th 2022

Zanzibar is a place that is immensely photogenic. It’s not all pretty. Some of it is exceedingly beautiful, but some of it is ugly and dirty and pitiful. Even those parts are photogenic. I saw tropical beaches and antique palaces, I saw mangy street cats and overflowing garbage bins. I wanted to take pictures of all of it. Appropriately—for someone like me with the artists eye, the photographers love of the natural subject, and many years of training and practical experience in photography—I brought along a great camera. Most of the pictures I’ve been posting on my blog have come from my iPhone. It’s not the new one and I don’t really care. I didn’t buy it for the camera, it just happens to be one as well as being all the other things it is. ... read more
Door 1
Secret Garden
Pretty Woman

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City November 24th 2022

According to some things that I have read, Zanzibar has been continuously occupied by human beings for some 30,000 years. According to some other things I’ve read, the earth was created less than 8,000 years ago. I wasn't there for either, I just read about it. Either way, people have been living on Zanzibar island for a very long time. The name Zanzibar comes from the Arabic words for, “land of the blacks”. They named it for the African people they found living there, whom they called the, “Zanj”. The Arabs mixed with the locals, forming the Swahili peoples, who built thriving trading cities over the past 1500 years or so. Inviting the Persians, Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, and others to join the trade in ivory, precious metals, and enslaved humans from the mainland, they built up ... read more
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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi November 20th 2020

Lundi 26 octobre : c’est aujourd’hui qu’officiellement mes vacances commencent. Ça ne sera pas facile. Entre 6 :00 et 8 :00 du matin. C’est le chaos a l’aéroport de Bangui. J’ai fait mon test pour le virus chinois le vendredi matin, pour avoir le résultat le samedi matin, or le samedi matin ce n’était pas prêt. Je me pointe quand même le lundi matin à l’aéroport. Qu’est-ce que je peux faire ? Ils refusent que je fasse le check-in sans le certificat de l’Institut Pasteur. Par la grâce de Dieu et grâce au dispatch de la MINUSCA, je réussi à retourner au centre-ville à l’Institut Pasteur et à obtenir rapidement mon certificat. Je laisse mes valises dans le bureau de MOVCON a l’aéroport. L’aller-retour vers le centre-ville ça s’est bien passé, le gardien de sécurité ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar October 26th 2019

After three weeks of constant moving, activities and being on someone else's clock we were certainly looking forward to some R&R on Zanzibar...starting with four days on the beach in Jambiani, we couldn't have picked a more perfect spot to give our poor muscles some down time after the Kili adventure we had just finished...and no more camping! Lol...while I really enjoyed the tenting experience the thought of a proper bed and ensuite for the remainder of our time in East Africa was more than appealing... Half the climb group were heading to Zanzibar as well, so we hung out together for a bit at the airport before saying our final goodbyes...flight was interesting in the fact that the cruising altitude was actually less than the summit of Kili, that brought some serious perspective to the ... read more
Low Tide
A-frame at Belvedere
Collecting seaweed...

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City August 9th 2019

I had to pinch myself that Alex and I were actually about to land in Zanzibar. We were looking forward to this exotic spice Island, not just for the dream destination but for a rest. After many one night stops, fourteen flights, and early morning bumpy game drives, this was our first four night stop. Our hotel was located on the beachfront so we were able to enjoy the seabreeze each evening having a sundowner from our balcony. Zanzibar had a very colourful history of Portuguese and Omani Sultan rulers, a British protectorate followed by independance then a revolution and eventually joining with Tangayaka. Zanzibar even had the shortest war in history lasting between 38 and 45 minutes. We wandered the maze of streets and narrow alleyways in the mornings, lazed by the pool in the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 28th 2019

A visit to the island of Zanzibar has always high been on my bucket list, having heard many times of the great sandy beaches along with atmosphere of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town, and this desire was only further increased after my visit to Oman a couple of years ago when I learnt of the historical trading relationship between these two countries. Given its colourful history, you can see evidence at times of each of African, Indian, Arab and European cultures, within each of the architecture, the cuisine and the people. While I declined to take one of the offered spice plantation tours, having experienced a similar tour previously in Granada, there was plenty of evidence of the presence of their products in the various markets, thus giving rise to Zanzibar being known ... read more
The front facade of the Old Dispensary
The evening food market at Forodhani Gardens
A local game of soccer at sunset

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar December 30th 2018

Getting to Zanzibar was easy! We flew with Precision Air from Arusha's tiny airport to Zanzibar's International but not-much-bigger airport. It was all a bit rustic but it was a pleasant enough experience. Before we knew it we were in a pre-arranged taxi and on our way to our hotel just outside of Zanzibar town. The Zanzibar Ocean View Hotelwas more or less deserted! It was a little more rustic than we had anticipated for the price but it was ok and the restaurant served a great breakfast. It wasn't all good though. On our first night there was a very loud wedding party but they finished at 10pm which wasn't so bad. Christmas Day was a different matter though and the Christmas party (that us paying guests were not part of) had music so loud ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Jambiani November 16th 2018

Zjutraj naju je še lepo upsavalo nazaj v spanec »škrebljanje« dežja. Se je vlilo in ker ni oken na šipah se je fajn slišal dež. Ko sva vstala je tudi deževalo, rahlo. Torej brez sonca danes. Kar nama je odkrito povedano, prav pasalo, glede na to, da naju je včeraj pa malo le zacmarlo. Šofer je prišel po naju ob 10ih, ko sem se vsedla v avto je za mano sedel še en njegov prijatelj; madona sem se ga vstrašla! Sploh nisem pričakovala, da še sedi kdo za mojim hrbtom, pa še tak črni so ko noč ti domorodci tukaj. Skratka, šli smo na drugo stran otoka, severno od Zanzibar cityja, to je zahodni del otoka, midva sva na spodnjem vzhodnem delu. Tu so baje najlepše plaže, na tej strani. In smo šli pogledati t.i. suženjske ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar November 15th 2018

Danes sva si budilko naštelala… ker so naju ob 8.30 prišli pobrat, ker sva se včeraj zmenila za izlet; z ladjico oz. bolje rečeno čolnom. Obljubljena je bila galeja kot od Krištofa Kolumba. In midva sva verjela v nekaj večjega od lesenega čolna. Ha ha ha dobila pa leseni čoln, kjer nas je bilo gor 14 turistov in 12 domorodcev. Še prej so naju pobrali v hotelu, kjer nama je ta frajer, ki nama je prodal izlet malo razlagalo teh masajih tukaj, na obali. Pravijo jim plastični masaji. Ha ha ha in to zato, ker niso to tisti ta pravi masai, ki živijo na celini pod Kilimanjžarom, ampak so sicer iz celine, obelečejo se kot masai z mačeto v roki in hop po turistih. In mi turisti najprej kupimo, da so kao pravi masai. Spijo po ... read more

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