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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi December 20th 2015

We took the ATC vehicle to a ferry that was pretty much a floating bridge and had a hot 20 minute ride across a bay. Then we took a bus to another ferry which would bring us to Zanzibar where we took another bus to get to our hostel. All in all it took about 4 hours but we arrived with time to put our bags down before starting a spice tour. Oh man! This tour was right up my alley. I enjoyed the heck out of it. I went on a similar tour in Grenada and this one seemed a little more comprehensive. They had sooooo many different kinds of spices. And we got to try them all straight from the plant!!! Our guide for the tour was hilarious too. He had some sort of ... read more
This was probably the funniest tour guide ive ever seen :D
climb a tree...receive bacon?
everything smelled soooo goooood

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar November 19th 2015

Pour nos derniers jours à Zanzibar, direction la plage de Makunduchi située à environ 70 km de Stone Town. Notre point de chute est l’hôtel « La Madrugada », où nous arrivons jeudi en début d’après-midi. L’accueil est impeccable, le cadre spacieux et bien entretenu ; l’hôtel dispose de 2 piscines, 1 restaurant, 1 bar, 1 magasin et de nombreux espaces détente. Arrivés dans notre chambre, les 1ers motifs d’insatisfaction apparaissent : pas de connexion internet et toilettes non fonctionnelles. De plus, un tour à la salle de sports finit d’accentuer la déception : aucun des équipements disponible n’est en bon état de marche. Quant à la plage, elle dévoile de nombreux galets et le niveau de l’eau est très bas du fait de la marée basse. Après échanges avec le manager et de l’équipe de ... read more
Fleur déco chambre
Crabe sur la plage

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City November 17th 2015

Pour cette dernière étape tanzanienne, nous avons prévu 2 jours à Stone Town, quartier historique inscrit au patrimoine de l’Unesco, et 6 jours au calme sur l’une des plages de l’île. Nous rejoignons notre premier logement assez facilement, à 10 minutes de route de l’aéroport de Zanzibar. Le petit hôtel ne paie pas de mine, mais a une décoration pour le moins atypique : luminaires à partir de bouteilles ou de cassettes audio, chaise à partir de pioches, etc. Et le hall d’entrée est un véritable musée avec plein de photos d’archives sur Zanzibar et plusieurs leaders noirs (Malcom X, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Haïlé Selassié 1er, ...). Nous testons le restaurant de l’hôtel pour notre 1er soir, la bouffe n’est pas vraiment raccord avec ce que le menu affiché en chambre laissait suggérer. Mais ... read more
Stone Town, déco hotel - 1
Stone Town, déco hotel - 2
Stone Town, déco hotel - 3

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar October 29th 2015

We opted for relaxation to close out our trip. Our trip had been full of activities and all we really wanted to do was to chill. Typically not doing anything isn't something I can handle. But after our very busy 10 day safari, I welcomed the relaxation. The resort felt pretty empty. There were other people (mostly couples) but we had more conversations with the staff than anybody else, and those were still pretty brief. We did talk to a nice young Spanish couple who were also on their honeymoon. We compared notes on our trips. They had spent all of their time in Tanzania and were quite disappointed with the wildlife they saw on their safaris. Specifically they didn't see much on their trip to Serengeti. This was a relief for me. Ever since all ... read more
Low Tide - where did the water go
Looking Back at Dhow Inn
Picking Seaweed

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar September 8th 2015

Dies war mal kein Abenteuer, sondern ein Urlaubstag - Bootsausflug auf eine Sandbank mit Grillen und Schwimmen.... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City July 18th 2015

We will start with savannah - since there are so many big cats in Tanzanian parks we will do a top 5 list of cat moments. Now before that, bear in mind that we camped 4 nights, in a tent, no fences, in the parks, with lots of lions... Yeah that's right, no getting up to pee in the night. 5 - tie between 5a. mama lion and 2 cubs playing around in a big acacia tree in the Serengeti in the evening 5b. Pride of 6 lioness and 3 cubs feasting on what was obviously a zebra - about 10 feet from where we were parked to watch 4 - lioness in an acacia tree with carcass of a wildebeest hanging, fully extended from a large branch - Serengeti 3 - leopards! We saw leopards ... read more
Waterhole - Tarangire NP
Driver and cook

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City May 6th 2015

Like many towns and cities in the world, Stonetown is an odd mix - even clash - between two things. London has been uncomfortably juxtaposing rich and poor since Tudor times; New York forces together millions of over-excited tourists with people attempting to go about their daily business; Paris simultaneously presents sophistication and seediness. These are of course huge generalisations, and arguably applicable to any town or city in the world. The overwhelming disparity that I felt in Stonetown, however, was between the fact that despite its historical significance, places of interest, and sheer uniqueness, it is a thoroughly neglected place. I don’t mean that is empty of tourists, or people; in fact it is swarming with locals and foreigners alike. You can barely move down some of the narrow streets for groups of bewildered tourists ... read more
Arabic door
House of Wonders

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar April 18th 2015

I have been extremely remiss in not writing about my experience of the spice tour. The Zanzibar archipelago is known as the spice islands, and at one point was the world’s biggest exporter of cloves. The island’s biggest economy now, however, is tourism, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two industries, and give tourists a glimpse of Zanzibar’s spicy secrets. I embarked on a tour of a local spice farm basically as a complete tourist. I tried to convince myself that I was not a ‘wageni’ (Swahili word for tourist) by the fact that I was selflessly accompanying my boyfriend’s mother, who was a real, true, undeniable tourist from South Africa. I was living on the island after all, albeit for less than a month at that point, I could speak approximately 10 words ... read more
Being Adorned
Curly vanilla

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi April 14th 2015

Where do ants come from? I don’t mean in evolutionary terms. I mean when you put down a piece of bread, or a slice of fruit, or even drop a grain of sugar, where do the hundreds of ants appear from in a matter of seconds? One second there is a crumb on the counter; in the blink of eye the crumb has innumerable tiny shiny bodies swarming and wriggling around it. Is there some sort of signal sent off that suddenly calls into existence an extra hundred ants per crumb, or do they all lurk in invisible corners just waiting their whole lives for the sound of cling film being lifted from the plate, or the lid of the sugar separating from the pot? Everyone knows that if you leave food around, ants will appear ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi April 13th 2015

Written on the chalkboards outside the restaurants in the village are phrases such as ‘Lovely jubbly’ and ‘Oki doki’, and most declare the presence of ‘PIZZA’ and ‘PASTA’ bigger and louder than traditional Swahili dishes. Perhaps I am being cynical, but the message this sends to me is a slightly desperate attempt at attracting tourists who want to come to Africa but stay as European or American as possible. I’m not one of those pretentious people who claims to know everything about Tanzanian culture from the moment I step off the plane, looking down on tourists as inferior, but there is something wrong about eating a plate of spaghetti bolognaise and watching ‘The Cube’ whilst behind you Masai stroll along the beach. One particularly fancy hotel in the area (which shall remain anonymous) tried and failed ... read more

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