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March 11th 2013
Published: March 15th 2013
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Eunice's Family with DanielEunice's Family with DanielEunice's Family with Daniel

Eunice attends EARTH University in Costa Rica. Her family in Karagwe was thrilled to have Provost Daniel Sherrard visit their home.
The focus of this photo journal entry is "People Posing (3)". There are few things as beautiful as Tanzanians going about life as they do, and therefore few things as lovely as capturing their candid moments. Having said that there are some wonderful opportunities to line up, gather people together, and memorialize events, meetings, and gatherings by taking an organized photo of the group. Ashley was asked repeatedly to do this conventional task although her real strengths seemed to lie with her less conventional keen eye for detail, design, and capturing Tanzanian life close-up and personal. When I looked at the group photos all together - as one- I was struck with the amount of work Drs. Bagonza and Katabaro put into organizing so many groups to meet with the Educate Tanzania team, and struck with the commitment of so many to work together on a shared vision. Then I put those efforts in the context of the backdrop of the enormous amounts of energy and dedication by many to bring KARUCO this far. To me, the groups of photos symbolize a broad-based vision and dedication to make it so. I also have to add that Ashley deserves some sort of
True PartnersTrue PartnersTrue Partners

The leaders of the ELCT and ETI: Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro, KARUCO Coordinator; Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza, Bishop ELCT, KARUCO Founder; Dr. Jan B. Hansen, President/CEO, Educate Tanzania
medal for getting so many people to look in a similar direction, hold their eyes open, button their clothes properly, and look engaged. Remarkable professional work. So again, many thanks to Ashley Miller for her outstanding images. http://ashmillphotography.com

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Take me to the Educate Tanzania website: http://educatetanzania.org

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Curriculum TeamCurriculum Team
Curriculum Team

Mr. Sam Kayongo; Mr. Thobias Itegereize; Rev. Dr. Fortunatas Bihura; Rev Dr. Brighton Katabaaro; Dr. Jan B? Hansen; and Rev. Dr. Benson Bagonza-Bishop
Imagine Future PhotosImagine Future Photos
Imagine Future Photos

Can you imagine how many photos will be taken by students at KARUCO at this very Tower Point?
ETI, ELCT and Associated PartnersETI, ELCT and Associated Partners
ETI, ELCT and Associated Partners

Gathering at the First KARUCO Classroom
Curriculum and Program Development TeamCurriculum and Program Development Team
Curriculum and Program Development Team

Jan, Pedro, Daniel and Jay
District CommissionerDistrict Commissioner
District Commissioner

Following a lengthy, informative meeting.
ELCT, ETI and the Business CommunityELCT, ETI and the Business Community
ELCT, ETI and the Business Community

These same business leaders will be involved with the Community aspects of the KARUCO Ag curriculum
KARASECO Focus GroupsKARASECO Focus Groups
KARASECO Focus Groups

One of the best secondary schools in Tanzania will be a 'feeder' to KARUCO. Here are some of the students and staff after interviews by the curriculum team.
Some of the CoreSome of the Core
Some of the Core

The ETI team worked many hours with Brighton Katabaro and the General Secretary on the program for KARUCO.

ETI is never too far from children's eyes...and that's a good thing.

Future KARUCO Students?

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