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January 27th 2013
Published: January 27th 2013
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Educate Tanzania Funded ClassroomEducate Tanzania Funded ClassroomEducate Tanzania Funded Classroom

Donor money well spent
Woo! We are in high gear and yet life moves very slowly here. Our program is packed with interactions with the community in Karagwe. We are meeting with many people who have input about KARUCO at the same time that our team is trying to absorb absolutely everything and offer some ideas of their own.

So far in Kayange we:

SATURDAY: Visited the KARUCO site (Saturday). The team commented how beautiful it was and the potential for KARUCO. Jay immediately got into the soil and started digging in the dirt. He commented regarding the lack of soil fertility and need to amend soils. We are managing expectations as the KARUCO program is formed and merging all the different needs and agendas.

We had a conversation with secondary teachers and students at KARASECO school. We broke into two groups so we could capture a little more of what each person had to offer. Learned a lot and met some cool people. I would tell more if I had better Internet connection.

SUNDAY: Four hour church service where we got to introduce ourselves, the KARUCO project, and listen to a sermon on unity. (That is what I am told it was on - I really have to get better at this Swahili.) The congregation was touched when Pedro said he wants to bring his daughter to Karagwe especially to hear the music at the church. Daniel said that "Agriculture is a great gift" which confronts the view that farmers are somehow lesser than other people. It was fabulous.

SUNDAY AFT: Our team met with a group of community leaders. My hope was to have each person tell what they thought of when they heard KARUCO and then follow up with more specific questions and interactions. As it were, we got through the first question before our time was up. We gained some valuable insights and legitimized the community sharing their thoughts and beliefs about KARUCO.

Full day and tomorrow is another one. That is good. I am grateful for the Oswald Family Foundation and the Mortenson Family Foundation for making this possible.

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Classroom WindowClassroom Window
Classroom Window

Jay & Architect Samson Lugaisa

Proud of Educate Tanzania on this one

Yep, the toilets
University of MinnesotaUniversity of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

College of Agriculture's Associate Dean - Dr. Jay Bell
Dr. Bagonza and Samson LugaisaDr. Bagonza and Samson Lugaisa
Dr. Bagonza and Samson Lugaisa

Dons Educate Tanzania t-shirt

Right outside the classroom door
Look CloselyLook Closely
Look Closely

Varying grades of rock
Picnic - Team KARUCOPicnic - Team KARUCO
Picnic - Team KARUCO

Drs. Bagonza & Katabaro with Sam Kayongo - Community Development & ETI shirts
Curriculum PlanningCurriculum Planning
Curriculum Planning

Conference Room at the Hotel

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