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January 25th 2013
Published: January 26th 2013
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Kayanga HotelKayanga HotelKayanga Hotel

"My" Room
We're here! Precision Air ran on time and got us to Bukoba a little after two. Brighton greeted us along with Enoch, and it was good to see them. Brighton's wife Ann is in Denmark because she will deliver her baby there, so Brighton is missing her and their son, Mukiza. Things are going well for him and for KARUCO though. Lunch in Bukoba. Rice and egg for me and grasshoppers and fish for others. I was appreciative of the cultural norm that the grasshoppers are so special that only men get them. Then a familiar red dirt road and about 15 monkeys en route to Kayanga. Good to be back.

Greetings, greetings, greetings. Bishop, Sam, Titus, Fortunatas, Anna, Sister, Eluid, Edina, Genegeva, Emmanuel. When the bishop greeted me, he said,

"KARUCO is taking the next big step".

We were ushered in for Tanica coffee and then to a beautiful reception dinner with the KARUCO Task Force and the Curriculum Team. Singing, receiving, dining. The traditional mashed banana, beef, chicken, sauce and rice. Introductions, short speeches, and giving of the gifts. The group liked the Groundbreaking book that celebrated the beginning of building Phase 1 of the university.
Dr. Bagonza and JanDr. Bagonza and JanDr. Bagonza and Jan

Preparing for an intense week
Everyone liked the Educate Tanzania t-shirts. Thanks to Jim, owner of Qwest Marketing in Mankato, thirty people have ETI shirts. Everyone was grateful.

The US Team met for a while afterward and articulated some more refined plans to gain the information it needs to move on. The 'guys' seem a tad hard on themselves for wanting immediate understanding of a semi-complex situation. The promise that we would deliver curriculum looms just over our heads. Do-able but intense. They cannot create a program until they know the context (this very part of Africa). We will meet with the bishop and the task force tomorrow. Very, very tired.


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Take me to the Educate Tanzania website:www.educatetanzania.org

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Leaders Embrace Educate Tanzania T-ShirtsLeaders Embrace Educate Tanzania T-Shirts
Leaders Embrace Educate Tanzania T-Shirts

Leaders Fortunatas and Brighton modeling the goods
Ndazi (Banana)Ndazi (Banana)
Ndazi (Banana)

Diet staple
'Moving' the Chickens'Moving' the Chickens
'Moving' the Chickens

This photo has sounds...
Lunch BuffetLunch Buffet
Lunch Buffet

Way too much Coca Cola in Africa
Sugar Soda EverywhereSugar Soda Everywhere
Sugar Soda Everywhere

Jan mentions "Minnesota" - children within earshot eagerly say, "soda!?"
When There is No WaterWhen There is No Water
When There is No Water

you get a bucket of hot water each day
Kayanga HotelKayanga Hotel
Kayanga Hotel

Landscaping and Flowers
More NdaziMore Ndazi
More Ndazi

Fried, mashed, boiled, sliced, hot, cold - a staple

26th January 2013

Greet all of the team for ETI
Glad you made it and now the work begins. I'm sure Jan, Pedro and Daniel will find many similarities to their other international efforts as well as Karagwe-specific needs to get their creative juices flowing. Keep up the good work and blessings to you Jan and all engaged in this wonderful effort. Steve

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