DAY 12 - Nyakhanga Hospital Visit - 2008

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January 14th 2008
Published: January 18th 2013
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Visitng Kayanga KidsVisitng Kayanga KidsVisitng Kayanga Kids

Had a great chat
This is the first day of the second half of our program in Karagwe. Highlights of the day are: 1) Raining buckets; (2) Ann is sick and she I stay back from the build; (3) Visited Nyakahanga Hospital to check Ann.

The chief of staff was at the Kayanga Hotel and insisted we bring Ann to the hospital, which is owned and operated by the ELCT. Our driver approached the hospital and we entered the gates which were opened for us. I was deeply saddened by all the people waiting outside the gates and wondered if they would be cared for in a timely way. Our driver escorted us through the hallways, past the moms and babies, pregnant people, elderly people - all on benches waiting to see a doctor. The driver let us in to see the matron and then the doctor. I recognized her from the wedding party a few nights ago and that was assuring. We were asked questions and sent to the lab where the technician did a good job with the tests. Eventually we found that Ann had no malaria or problems related to that sort of thing but was dehydrated and needed to drink more water. This was good news. Ann rested the rest of the day.

Kids of Kayanga

Sat on the church steps since there is no outside patio. Some children came by and we chatted for half an hour. I am not sure what we said but all parties seemed to enjoy it. We compared their shoes and mine. They talked excitedly to each other and to me. I am not good at learning languages but want to learn Swahili so I can talk with the people as much as possible. Many children don't learn Swahili until they are in school, and many do not attend school, so I am unsure if learning Swahili will be a common language. Just the same I need to try.

Solar Build

The engineering crew returned at 8:00PM and talked of getting the solar panel on. Tom and Jason looked sunburned but were pleased with how things went. It was hard for Ann to not be on site however it needed to be that way. Early night.


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Kids Outside My RoomKids Outside My Room
Kids Outside My Room

We saw these two nearly every day

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