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Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 11th 2018

Tanzania day 2 Chimpanzee trekking in the jungle in Gombe, Tanzania, Africa. Sometimes I may have a little moan and often it’s about people but today, despite confusion later....was one of the best days of my life. Usually when we set off to do things we set off with low expectations so when we set off seaching for chimpanzees I expected to maybe see one...probably covered in scaffolding....about a mile away....with trees in the way and it be raining so hard we can’t get our cameras out. Amazingly though, this was not the case. After a breakfast of savoury pancakes, fruit, bread and jam and omelette it was time to head out with our guide. We had paid extra (2x£9) for two trekkers to head out before us, at 4am supposedly, to find out where the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 10th 2018

Today has been one of the best of my life, I've been lucky and privileged to have seen around 25 wild chimps in the wild and was with them for 2.5 hours. I walked out of the jungle a hot, sweaty mess with twigs in my hair and covered in dirt, but totally exhilarated. Just amazing. Breakfast was at 7.30 and was a bit odd: some savoury pancakes, bread and fried egg that came after we'd eaten the rest as Duma had forgotten them. Ahadi, our chimp guide met us just after 8am and off we went. He had just the clothes he wore and a small bottle of water in his hand - no backpack, no first aid kit, no namby-pamby tourist health and safety shit, this was the real deal. He had warned us ... read more
Wild chimp in Gombe.
Wild chimp in Gombe
attempt of selfie with chimps

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park September 9th 2018

Tanzania day 1 Feom Brum to Dar es Salaam to Kigoma to Gombe Tanzania I’m in shock. We have arrived at our destination without mishap. No flight delays, no lost luggage, no Qatar Airways, no being asked to get off the plane while they restart it, no airline going bump, no being asked to get off the plane to identify your hold baggage.... Yes all these have happened to us...and more! But this time with KLM it was quite the opposite-left on time, arrived on time, no problem with connections, good food and service and regular drinks, friendly staff, ice cream and even a stroopwaffel which made my day. Kudos Dutch people. When we stopped at Kilimanjaro airport on the way they even told us where we were so we didn’t get off at the wrong ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park May 18th 2010

Situated across TZ to the west on Lake Tanganika is Gombe Nat'l Park. It is here where Jane Goodall did her research in 1960 on Chimpanzees. She was the first to do so and as a result of her observations, we now have multi-generational information on several families of much studied chimps. Her discoveries led to documented accounts of behavior, habitat, survival, and the need for protection. Geneticly, they are 98% of us or we of them. Goodall was correct when she said, "Chimpanzees are so like us." They have such a complex brain which allows them to solve problems, plan ahead, use tools, have feelings, and learn. As with all travel in TZ, getting there is not half the fun. It's a 3 hr plane ride across the country from Dar. At this time ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park July 15th 2008

Monday was a blast! We woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, then drove down to the place from which we would get the boat to Gombe Stream National Park. We got there rather early but had to wait for some men to "fix" the boat and buy petrol. We therefore returned to town to purchase a few provisions that we still needed. Our boat was just big enough for all 8 of us. The ride took just under two hours and we got to see some amazing things. Lake Tanganyika is crystal clear and gets deep quickly. As we left Kigoma, I caught sight of several women who were able to fill their buckets just two steps into the lake. They saw us too. As did the entire town. Literally. Everyone (well, several dozens of ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Gombe Stream National Park January 8th 2007

So, we have failed at keeping you up to date on our goings on. Our apologies. As we mentioned before: It's not so easy to get this done. We do miss the DSL connectedness sometimes of our old place in Queens! On January 8, 2007, we met at the Kigoma Office boat launch at 8:00 am. All 10 of us - 3 kids from the Lugufu Refugee Camp Region, 2 kids from Kigoma town, 1 chaperone for the Lugufu kids, 2 R&S staff members, and the 4 R$S vollies (us included) - waited til about 9:00 am or so to push off as lunch was a little late to arrive. We took advantage of the time to continue the play from the day before in the lawn. Though the games we more subdued and gorggy. No ... read more
Our Brother the Chimpanzee
In J's Livingroom

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