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Africa » Tanzania » Pemba March 25th 2011

Back on the road, after the North of Pemba, time to head to the Fundu Lagoon located in the South of the Island for some Robinson Crusoe experience! The Fundu Lagoon is a very special place, awarded best beach safari in Africa, a place to dream of pirates and treasure, and castaways while enjoying the surrounding nature & pristine silky beach. But just like a hidden jewel, the journey to this piece of Paradise isn’t quite an easy one and this even more in our case as we were coming from the exact opposite! From North to South, we were on for a three hours drive across the island (from airport, it takes about one hour) & as the resort is only accessible by boat although still located on the Pemba peninsula, an additional 25 mn ... read more
An other cute one...
Misali Island - anyone there??
Morning walk

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba March 22nd 2011

Going to Pemba feels like reaching the end of the world but if I had to do it again I would not hesitate a second… This island located within the Zanzibar Archipelago off the coast of Tanzania is truly one of these place where you feel like you have discovered a hidden jewel, untouched by tourism & where the environment both above and under the water has kept all its beauty. Known a little bit amongst the divers thanks to the famous marine reserve surrounding Misali island, a 20 mn speed boat ride from the South of Pemba, it is still today a very remote & untouched destination. The number of proper resorts on the island says it all, found six of them including one “hotel” where the only comment on the tripadvisor was “they stole ... read more
On the way to Pemba
Chill out time on the beach
Surrounded by Jacks

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba November 14th 2010

I had to wait for the rain to stop before fighting the gauntlet of safari touts. I hadn’t even reached Arusha yet but it began “Hello! Free Information! Free Help!” They’d say. “Don’t need your help mate” I’d reply. “Why Not?” “Because eventually you’ll say you know this Safari Company. You’ll bring out a business card…” This banter would continue until they’d give up following me as I walked on. This one guy followed me however (showed in his opinion) all the way to the bus I already knew of. He says he ‘doesn’t want any money’ but this is tourism in the Tanzanian mountains. I knew this would be the case so with this I decided to not double it up with Zanzibar Island instead going for the alternative and do Pemba Island. I heard ... read more
2 - Chake Chake Pemba capital
3 - North Pemba sunset
4 - North Pemba

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba December 5th 2007

How do you even begin to describe the events and time spent these past few weeks on Misali? Incredible for one. We spent the final week of our time on the island sleeping on the beach because so many rats had chewed into our tent that it was no longer fun to even try to sleep. We must have been quite the scene…4 girls all wrapped up like cocoons to avoid the swarms of sand flies that were always around. We had gotten to be really good friends with some of the dive guides from the nearby resort Fundu Lagoon, so they would bring us leftover lunch and some good company. One afternoon I got the chance to go for a dive with one of the guides. Defiantly a highlight!!!! We dove a site off Misali ... read more
Misali Rangers
the pool bar
Fundu dock

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba December 4th 2007

OK! here is the email that apparently no one got last week. I have a new one coming as well either tonight or tomorrow... Hello everyone! So I guess this is a long tidbit...but only part of the story! I am alive and doing ok (I have had an infected finger, but it is getting better!) and loving life on Misali! We have been here for over two weeks now, and have 5 more days to bask in the sun. My research is going well, but I have had to put it on hold for the past week due to the fact that my finger was in serious pain, but I hope to be able to do at least 5 more transects in the next few days to even out the data. The water has been ... read more
our camp
whale tail bone
hermit crabs

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba November 15th 2007

Hello all! I managed to find an internet cafe that was open during our restocking run on Thursday to Chake Chake! Horray! I am a bit pressed for time, but will try to cram as much in this email as I can. We left Stone Town on Monday by ferry at about 9 am. It was pouring in stone town (the short monsoon season has started) and got totally soaked going the 50 feet from the taxi to the waiting area. Like totally drenched through. The boat had a rather rough crossing...two of our group felt really sick. It poured down rain the whole time. Like drench-the-windows-so-you-cannot-see-out kind of drench. It was an omen. We got off the boat in Pemba and hired out a dalla dalla to take us to Chake Chake where we bought ... read more
waiting in the rain
riding a dala dala
dala dala

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba September 19th 2007 can I even attempt to write about the past week in an email? Prepare yourself for a super long one that will not even begin to skim the surface of the events of the past week. I spent the last 8 days on the island of Pemba, the sister island to Unguja that makes up Zanzibar. We flew over and immediately moved into our host family homes. After the decent but not wonderful experience of the last homestay, I was not sure what to expect. I had the surprise of the trip when I was immediately taken into this family with all the love, laughter and fun of my friends and family back home. I had a mother and father and 5 sisters (5 of 8 were at home) as well as a boy cousin. ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba January 19th 2007

Je n' ai pas le temps de tout vous écrire, les photos parlent d' elles-mêmes! Je vous invite dont à voyager par les yeux. Vous aurez bien la chance de me lire, j' y compte bien.... read more
Pemba/old mission/swahili Divers
Pemba/Chake Chake
Pemba/Chake Chake

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba January 18th 2007

J' étais craintif de venir plongée ici à Pemba. Les guides décrivaient les sites comme suit:"'s like a video game and if you visit a cave be sure shure to see everything before come out, after that it's like a washing machine in spin cycle...". Maintenant je peux vous dire que j' ai eu de la chance car les dix jours de plongées une journée seulememt a été avec faible courrant. Exceptionnelles ont été les autres sortie! J' ai suivi le cour de "Advance Open Water" ainsi obtenant une meilleur expérience de plongeur! J' ai donc effectué; Naturalist, deep dive, navigation, boat dive, photographer. Merveilleux pour seulement essayer de décrire les sensations ainsi que les sites de plongées! J' ai donc photographier moi-même la faune marine. Une chose que j' aimais bien était; les îles parfois ... read more
Pemba Island/ ocean Indien
Pemba Island/ ocean Indien
Pemba Island/ ocean Indien

Africa » Tanzania » Pemba January 12th 2007

Pemba l' île aux odeurs de clou de girofles et de cannelle. Lorsque nous revenions à la fin de la journée de notre plongée endormie sur les roulis du Dow (bâteau typique de cette région), moi ce qui me réveillais; était cette brise venant de l'île, chargé d' effluve exotique, nous pouvions dire:" Je sens la rentrée...!" ... read more
Pemba Island/ Chake Chake
Pemba Island/ Chake Chake
Pemba Island/distillerie

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