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June 21st 2011
Published: June 21st 2011
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Now if you know me well you know that if I say to you "my phone has been stolen!" that you should say - check your bag and I will say "I did, twice!" but then you will say no the other bag and then it will be found - ooops

today started off almost as bad as yesterday, I reeled off to Mike that I was feeling bad and why I was feeling bad and he said "god you are not going to top yourself are you?" he was joking of course. we then left the hotel, I proceeded to get in the wrong vehicle at which point Mike was showing concern for my mentality. We got to the office and I realised I had left Annie (the resus dummy) at the hotel so I had to get the driver to run me back to the hotel to pick it up, when I returned to the office Mike was waiting for me, I thought "oh god what have I done now?" he was holding my phone and laughing at me "you dozy mare" he called me - "it was in your bag all along, I heard it buzzing!"

Since then my day has got better... Thankfully

I met my new trainees today, quiet guys and gals very gentle and shy. We have been learning about the basic principes of first aid and CPR and recovery - here are some pictures of todays training sessions!

Did you know that the American Heart foundation devised a recovery position to be the wrong way round? - it confused me completely - if it hadnt have been for my favourite and most helpful safety forum I would ave thought my info video was completely wrong ( is the forum) I would like to point out that I teach the recovery position in the correct way and not the american heart foundation way.

Lisa x

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