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January 10th 2011
Published: January 10th 2011
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yes you read that right, I was informed today that if a man arrives home and finds a Masai Warriors spear on his front garden then the warrior is WITH his wife and that he is to leave and never come back ... well there you go folks... imagine that in Berkshire!

Trained some of the guys today, Mike has asked me to do a section on workplace inspections so this will be short as I will be working into the evening on it, but I will leave you with a picture of a lovely bag that I received on my doorstep this morning with a newpaper in it, a recycled bag - for all those who believe me to be a green nutter - I truely love this bag and wonder if I shall get another tommorow 😊

all the best I am off now and keeping my eyes peeled for the warriors



10th February 2011

love your blog
your blog is a funny all my life here in Tanzania this is actually the first time i have heard of that...thou it is known that the maasai are well "equipped", and a night with them your wife might not want to return to you...nice blog.
10th February 2011

love the bag the last piece "keeping your eyes peeled for the warriors"

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