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January 11th 2011
Published: January 11th 2011
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That means - How are you? (Mambo) Good/Fine (Powa) the Africans have had great fun today teahing me Swahili and find it hilarious when I get it wrong 😊 but can I get them to say Funky Cheese to the camera.... no way 😊

I started off deep in thought this morning, I had been reading that when we flush the loo we use more water (7litres) than many Africans in poverty uses in a day so I was watching the sprinkler covering the grass at the hotel thinking that this was wrong on so many levels - I see men out in the street carrying buckets of water to their home and here is a hotel throwing it all over the floor.

Todays training sessions was fun, Mike pretended to be a victim that had fallen down a pit, and I was a witness while Suitbert was the miserable uncooperative manager and all the safety reps had to interview us, then I carried out my Work inspection training with a game and then we went out and inspected the warehouses so the reps can get an idea of what they will be doing.

There are Health and Safety Issues here some big and some small, we could come in and fix them all but no one would learn anything... these great people... and they are... will learn all about Health and Safety and will be able to fix the problems themselves and maintain them... such as the old saying give a family food and you will feed them for a day... give them seeds and tools and you will feed them for a lifetime.

Mo if you are reading this - Mike loves the drawings 😊

Off to Mwanza tomorow so Kesho (until tommorow)


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My Swahili Teacher and she also wondered if I had a brother....

A Facilities Manager - who likes Health and Safety

11th January 2011

I am reading this! :)
Sounds great - wish you both, and the wider H&S team an excellent few weeks.
11th January 2011

Ho ho ho - so that's your brother sorted out... now, who will pay for the wedding! (lol) Glad all seems to be going well - take care and be safe. Richard

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