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Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa April 30th 2014

U Wadi Halfi sam prvi put dobio neki lagani osjećaj da sam u Africi. Wadi Halfa sama po sebi ne nudi baš ništa. Maleni pustinjski gradić, pržen na preko 45 stupnjeva, bez ikakvog raslinja kojem za koji je očito da postoji samo zbog trajekta. Nekoliko dućana, jedan restoran (odnosno bolji naziv bi bila zalogajnica) i nekoliko nastambi koje iznajmljuju sobe. A dotične je kad dođe trajekt jako teško naći. U kombinaciji s jednim Britansko – Jamajkanskim parom smo se uputili u potragu za smještajem i nakon nekoliko odbijenica došli smo na nekakvu recepciju gdje je sjedio dječak od nekih 12 godina. Nakon puno mahanja i tipkanja po kalkulatoru došli smo dogovora i pokazao nam je deluxe sobu. Deluxe soba se sastojala od 4 ne bas cista kreveta na oprugama nasred prazne neožbukane sobe s klimom postavljenom ... read more
Wadi Halfa 1
Sudan dozvole

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa February 15th 2014

November 22, 2012 Being a dry country, most of the alcohol that we were carrying has been consumed before crossing the border. To be honest, some do have a few good bottles of wine hidden away for Christmas and new year’s and we have no intention of drinking them in Sudan. We’ve arrived in Khartoum and after driving around looking for the right place, we’ve once again stopped a taxi and organised to follow him to the yacht club where we’ll be staying for the few nights. The gates are an issue and as it’s situated on one of the main thoroughfares, traffic is banking up behind us and not overly happy. Soon, police arrive to stop traffic and allow us the space to reverse and reverse again and eventually get through, while we hold up ... read more
Sudanese declarations of love
Kookie Burger Restaurant
An evening with the Sufis

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa October 30th 2013

Our ferry from Egypt chugged in to Wadi Halfa in Sudan just before lunch. Wadi Halfa is a dusty hot border town, with not a whole lot going down. Apparently we stayed in the room that Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman used during their Long Way Down trip. The bikes hadn't arrived so we headed into town to kill a little time. A large group of young guys in green khaki came striding past us a one stage, then a few minutes later one guy in police uniform came sprinting past us, with the group in hot pursuit. They caught him, gave him a bit of a beating, and then took him away. We found out later that the police guy had arrested one of the army guys for drinking, and this had obviously backfired on ... read more
Jaap stuck at the hotel in Wadi Halfa
Meeting the mad cyclists in the Nubian Desert
Arriving at the port in Wadi Halfa

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa February 14th 2012

After getting off the boat, minibuses took us to immigration, where all of the foreigners were fast tracked, without much searching of our bags. My original plan had been to go straight to Abri that day, but as there was quite a few other people around, I got a room in a lokanda (a Sudanese hotel, where the rooms have more in common with prison cells) with Jack an Australian guy, doing a similar trip to me and Nathan and Rien, 2 Americans on motorbikes, also doing a similar trip. On arrival in Sudan, you are supposed to register within 3 days and we went to try and do that in the local security office. However, we were unsuccessul as the office had ran out of stickers to put in people's passports! We got some food ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa November 23rd 2010

And I thought it was convoluted getting off the ferry from Italy into Egypt. It's an entirely different ball game In Wadi Halfa. First you need to get your passport stamped, although no-one tells you this until you're woken at 6am by an angry man claiming there isn't much time (we land just 5 hours later). Then you fill out a travel permit, although no one tells you this either, or even hands them out, you just need to scrap and fight for the few remaining ones on baord. This done, you queue. And then queue some more. And then fill out two copies of a second form, which is remarkably similar to the previous form. And then you queue again. And then some more. And then, by luck, magic or bribery, you find yourself at ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa July 14th 2009

I've been in Arab countries long enough to know that their time is not always quite the same as Western time. Egyptian time can be even less reliable than general Arab time. An Egyptian ten minutes may not be 600 seconds, it is only a vague indication that something may be happening at some point in the future (an sha allah caveated) can last a very long while. So I'm really not too surprised that the ten minutes that we had to wait to pick our bikes up from the ferry has now bled into a four hour sit down. At 1130 we were told that the barge with our vehicles on was almost at the port. The ferry from Aswan is too packed with people and hand luggage to carry vehicles, so they have to ... read more
Taxi to 'hotel'
Tea time!

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa February 24th 2009

The ferry from Aswan to Wadi Halfa in Sudan leaves from the terminal at the High Dam, and I see a sign saying "Wlecome" (sic) as we drive along the dam's wall. My final shafting from Egypt turns out to be the hotel suggesting that I should take a taxi here as coming by train would still leave me a long way from the terminal - needless to say, the station is right next to it. A guard tells me I need to wait one hour before I go through so I sit on the edge of a disused fountain, in the middle of the rapidly-assembling crowd for the ferry. The other passengers are predominantly Egyptian and Sudanese, many with astounding quantities of luggage. I see one man with four TVs, another with a fridge/freezer. Bulging, ... read more
Wadi Halfa at sunset
My bed

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa August 6th 2008

Headed out of Khartoum leaving Jack and Chris who have to leave us as they cannot change thier flight date from Cairo. We drove on heading north and late afternoon we caught a glimpse of the not so well known but very impressive Meroe Pyramids. This is our first encounter with pyramids as we have yet to be in Egypt, I was so impressed though, never did I think I will see such in Sudan, the Nubian culture descended here thousands of years ago and left these mysterious ruins. It was quite a hot day, we struggled to walk in the very hot sand to get closer to the ruins, there was an option to take a camel ride but none did it in the beginning, we are the only tourists here which is quite cool, ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa January 16th 2008

Upon arriving in Wadi Halfa we were immediately reminded that we were not in Egypt anymore when people stopped to greet us without trying to sell us something - how refreshing! After finishing laundry and exporing the town, there's not much else to do here in Wadi Halfa. So we climbed the hill behind the hotel and had a picnic lunch and took some photos. We are here until the Dragoman truck arrives, which ended up arriving almost 2 days after we arrived in Wadi Halfa. Interesting tidbit about this town: it was actually quite the place until its residents were told to relocate due to the flooding of Lake Nasser. Most of the original town is now under water.... read more
Wadi Halfa
Market and Lake Nasser
Room or prison?

Africa » Sudan » North » Wadi Halfa October 28th 2007

28th - 30th October If you look at the map of Sudan the distance between Wadi Halfa and Dongola is only 285 miles. A simple journey, one would suppose, but it took us 2 and a half days! We had met some South African travelers in Luxor who described this road as the worst they had ever been on, in fact they labeled it “The Road from Hell”. We now know why! A general description of the road will suffice for the full length. At first the road wound round desert hills strewn with small rocks and the gravel surface was badly corrugated. This corrugation got worse and worse and the option was either to drive slowly (at 15 mph) or as fast as one safely could (at about 45 mph). Either choice was wrong; the ... read more
Nile Hotel - Imposing entrance
Hotel Wadi Halfa
Dusty desert road

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