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Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum November 18th 2009

Before leaving Luxor and going onto our last week in Egypt we paid a visit to the Sunshine Children’s orphanage where we spent the morning playing with the children and seeing their home. It was set up 13 years ago by an English lady (who was a Methodist) who came to visit Egypt many times and noticed the amount of street children there were without parents. She decided to sell her home in England and use the money to come out to Luxor and set up the home and they now have over 80 children in their care. Despite them all being orphans, the children were very happy and loving (most of the time I had one toddler jumping on me cuddling and a baby on the other arm!) and enjoyed us being there. I gave ... read more
Campsite in Luxor - Hanging out in hammocks
Few drinks in Luxor campsite
Abu Simbel

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum March 11th 2009

My bus company for the leg to Khartoum has the threatening name of Kabosh, but their service levels give a good first impression when a car is sent to transport me the 300m from the lokonda to their departure point. This is the first bus of the day but it doesn't leave on time, and I am able to watch Karima gradually wake up. A donkey cart bearing a surreal load of severed donkey heads passes by in the dawn light. The journey to Khartoum is unremarkable, with desert once more dominating the scenery. The capital is truly enormous by the standards of the towns I have seen so far in Sudan, and in fact consists of three cities rolled into one. It takes us fully three quarters of an hour to progress from the first ... read more
Beau selector
Hamed El-Nil tomb

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum December 11th 2008

Hello all hope everyone is well, its about 45 degrees were we are at the moment, now in sudan which is pretty cool. Anyway will start were i left off in Addis, forgot to mention one of our highlights and a deffinate warnin to all if you stay in a hotel in ethiopia remember to lock your door, a few of us forgot that and at about 6 in the mornin we had a visitor at the door who me and Carlo fort wanted to do our laundry as she was pointing to the clothes in the room, we then realised this was not her intentions wen she started suckin on her finger in a very rude way, so we got rid of her after a bit of cussin in africans(the saffa tounge) and good old ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum November 13th 2008

Well, it's been a while since my last entry, so probably just a quickie. Sudan is still extremely hot, though the air-con (blasts of cold air) do keep me a bit cool at night. I've just seen my first cockroach. It was bloody huge. It was out in the garden, but Pat informed me that there'd been an even bigger one in the living room earlier!! After a twitchy half-hour, during which I resembled someone with Tourette's, head constantly twitching to make sure it hadn't come anywhere near me, rolling up my trouser legs to stop it crawling up them, spraying my bedroom with the strongest, most lethal bug-repellent you've ever smelt, she informed me that she had zapped the living-room one stone dead. I know logically that cockroaches are clean, that they are totally harmless ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum November 1st 2008

Well, I hope this blog entry isn't as boring as the title! So, what's it like now for me in Sudan? The old adage "what a difference a day makes" might be quite appropriate here. I'm sharing a house with a really lovely couple, a Frenchman called Serge and his wife Pat, originally from Wales. Having spent the first few days isolated with people whose first language wasn't English, then with young people (very early 20's) who, despite being really lovely, are definitely on an entirely different wavelength, it's brilliant to be with people who are in my age group. No more "awesome" as a response to virtually every question/comment, etc . etc. Result. The house I'm sharing is lovely. It's got two bedrooms, one of which is mine (which has twin beds in it). I've ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum October 26th 2008

Well, progress of a sort! I've known for a while that I didn't want to go back to Ahfad so have been having discussions with all and sundry, left right and centre. I let SVP know that under no circumstances did I want to return to Ahfad (this was after they had told me that if I stayed at Ahfad I would not be regarded as an SVP volunteer). Anyway, to cut a very long, circuitous and possibly boring, story short, the outcome so far is: I went to El Nielen University today to discuss the possibility of teaching there. They were really happy to have me except: hell, there's alway a get-out clause - except that I'll be teaching 'formal' classes (from a syllabus that needs marking at the end) and, as I'm leaving in ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum October 22nd 2008

Well, it's been a baptism of fire to say the least. At first Ahfad University were saying that I had a contract with them and not SVP, and SVP seemed not to want anything to do with me!! Not good. I was stuck in a place where I didn't know where I was, staying with Amna, the Head of the English Dept of the university where I was going to be working, I didn't have any contact with any other volunteers, Omna's family were, I felt, less than welcoming. I was given a bed in a room with two beds, shown the kitchen that didn't have any gas so I didn't have any cooking facilities, etc. etc. I asked Omna for her mobile phone number - she wouldn't give it to me! said I could get ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum October 16th 2008

Wednesday 16 October 2008 A pretty long day - 11.30 am Phil picked me up to give me a lift to the coach station. Precedby this by Jill ringing me up to say goodbye, find until final 'bye, then floods of tears from her. She nearly set me off. I promised I would phone/contact her asap. Met up with another volunteerat airport. Uneventful two flights, arrived Khartoum 3.45am (2 hrs ahead of us). Met SVP representatives (lovely older couple) who whisked me off to their house. I'm staying till about 5pm tomorrow when I'll get taken to Dr Amna's house in Omdufrman, swhere I'll be staying. So, I can relax for the day. According to the woman (whose name I simply didn't manage to get) I'll be about a five minute walk from the Nile and ... read more

Africa » Sudan » North » Khartoum July 31st 2008

The Ethiopian side took a long time, and while the truck is parked lots of people hooting at us and money changers prowl about, we managed to change our last dibdobs to Sudanese money at a back alley somewhere, the guy tried to cheat us but his competition told us and so we got a better rate in the end. Soon as we're done we crossed to Sudan, we need to pay for registration so we walked back to the Ethiopian side to change more money as they have better rates, we queued up to get entry stamps and at the same time we registered, it was cumbersome task as they have to translate into Arabic some informations. After that off we went only to be turned back 30 minutes later by a checkpoint saying we ... read more

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