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June 18th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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Today was incredible! I still can't believe I'm here for another 3 and a half weeks, already dreading leaving!
This morning we went out into the bush to clear branches from the side of the paths so the safari trucks can get through and large animals have a safe place to walk. While out here we had a close encounter with a herd of elephant who were standing on the roadside (I'll put photos in the album). After we carried on we came across impala playing around the shrubs and best of all two white rhino out in the open! We were so close it was unbelievable.

After breakfast we went on a trek through the wilderness filling in gaps in the fences and taking apart snares as so to protect animals. This lead us too the elephant sanctuary where


We then got to feed them and have photos with out hands in the mouths - so surreal!

Found out this evening that I've passed my second year with a 2:1, so off to elephant sanctuary this Saturday then out in PE to celebrate!


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