Come on guys let's chop this cow up so we can go somewhere warm - Eddy The Ranger 2014

June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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Right so I've had a cold since last Saturday and it's slowly developed from the sniffles Into full blown plague! Getting up everyday at 6:45 and going to bed at 11/12 probably isn't helping much so I was oddly pleased to wake up to the sound of howling wind and rain as it meant I would probably get to go back to bed at some point. Even in South Africa I've managed to find a cat to lie with me when I'm ill in bed although Toby isn't as cuddly as bos - I think it's a skill, I'm like the cat whisperer! Mum this is another reason why we should get a cat.

So our pre-breakfast activity involved us chopping up and entire cow with machetes - needless to say only a few volunteered to do this! Apparently the smell was vile so for once I was pretty happy to have a completely blocked nose. We then took this meat to the predator enclosure where the orphaned, abused and endangered predators live. There were 6 fully grown tigers here, three lions and two cubs, two adult white lions and their 4 cubs, two cheetahs, an black footed African wild cat and cutest of all in the cub enclosed there were 4 lion cubs and a 6 month old white lion cub - Amera Mara.
Between them that cow was demolished in minutes!
Again all my photos but one are on my camera so will put them all on Facebook and some on here when I'm home (dreading leaving already).

Had the news broken to us today that we won't be able to interact with the lion and tiger cubs properly as the vet is hoping to release them so they can't be too domesticated. We can still scratch their bellies through the fences though so it's not too bad.

We get Friday afternoons off here and a few of us are disparate to see a giraffe so have corralled a ranger into taking us on a full afternoon drive to try and find some!

Bungee jumping this weekend off the worlds highest commercial jump, terrified but excited, then out that night in PE to celebrate our results.


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