The Purple Turtle and the Best Day EVER!!!

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June 23rd 2010
Published: June 29th 2010
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Let me first start off by saying that today was the BEST DAY EVER! Unfortunately I do not have the patience nor the eloquent writing ability to fully convey the greatness of this day, specifically the evening. So when I get back to the states you will have to hear about this day in person. But for now here is my attempt at conveying greatness.

Today I woke up early again to hike signal hill to catch the sunrise. The 4 of us who decided to go (Danny, Hal, Natalie and myself) woke up a little late so we drove up near the top of signal hill took some pictures and then did a hike to Lions Head. The hike was awesome! We did some crazy hiking uphill on rocks and even did some rock face climbing using just chains to help us climb our way up to the top. The hike was really awesome and well worth the view.

After the hike I joined some of the other guys at the beach (Luda, Winget, Galen, and Hal) to play some soccer before we showered and headed out to seek a spot to watch the US game. Finding a spot to watch the US game was mayhem. We all went to the Fan zone but found out they were playing the damn England game. (pssshht that was stupid!) So Galen and I went on a trek to find a good bar. We were told to check the Dubliner to find out what there venue was. However, after reaching the Dubliner we were disappointed with their arrangements as the US game would be played on the small TV while the England game on the large projector and TV. STUPID!!!

So Galen and I headed back to bring the bad news to our group. However on the way we found a small bar that advertised 40rand for a burger, chips and a beer. So we decided hey cheep deal lets grab a quick bite and then go back. Little did we know that this would be the spot of perhaps the greatest night of my life!!! The bar was called the Purple Turtle. After our quick meal we asked about the games and they said they’d play whatever we want. We looked around and noticed it was very empty and so decided to go back to tell our group our options. As we headed back we noticed a large group of about 30 american fans. (mind you our group itself was also 20 ppl). We told them “GO TO THE PURPLE TURTLE FOR THE US GAME! We went back to our friends and told them the same. As we encountered US fans along the road we told everyone to go to the Purple Turtle. When Galen and I arrived back at the Purple Turtle it was completely packed with just US fans going crazy!! It was an amazing sight to see all the US fans decked out with flags and US colors and vuvuzuelas.

The rest of the night was the best night of my life. I don’t have to remind you of the most amazing last minute goal for the US that gave us the win. With that goal, the Purple Turtle erupted into COMPLETE MAYHEM!!! IT WAS A PARTY like I have NEVER seen before in MY ENTIRE LIFE!! The bar turned into a club as crazy American fans partied harder than ever. We were dancing on tables, on couches, beer and shots flowing everywhere. People waving around flags doing beer bongs out of the vuvuzuelas. People being carried around on shoulders and just complete debauchery. I have never felt a feeling of such ecstasy and happiness as I did surrounded by over 100 US fans crammed into this small bar called Purple Turtle as the US clinched their group at NUMBER ONE!!!

After several hours of intense partying the entire group of US fans, at least a good portion of them all mobbed over to the Dubliner to watch the Germany vs. Ghana game. At the Dubliner we got into the BEST EVER soccer chanting fight with the English fans. The US fans overpowered the English after all we were all extremely pumped up after the glorious victory. We eventually forced the English fans out of the bar with our excessive chanting and ridiculing. We were yelling chants such as:
-“The Queen, the queen she’s better than Robert Green”
-“England takes it up the arse do da do da, England takes it up the arse do do da day”
-“you’re Second Best, You’re Second Best”
-“I scored as many goals as Rooney!”
-“AMERICA!!! F*&@ YEA!!!!”
And of course “U-S-A” along with many other chants.
After a crazy night out we headed back home to finish up the awesome night with some drinking games before calling it a night with everyone exhausted and voiceless. We also found a new punishment liquor called STROH, which is an 80%, not 80 proof, 80% = 160 proof inlander rum. No one wants to break their rules now…

FYI when I get back home ask me about the Free Tequila Shots story at Purple Turtle =)


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