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March 25th 2018
Published: May 21st 2018
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Here we are, the last entry of an amazing three weeks trip. We have picked up Tiffany at the airport and are staying four nights in Cape Town.

Golf wise, I ended up playing two more courses around the city. The first one was the very welcoming, but mainly average course of Durbanville. I finised my last round at Steenberg at the foothills of vineyards. Course at Steenberg is gorgeous...andonce I was done with the golf, it was a short drive next door to visit the Winery. They do have some pretty stunning Sauvignon Blanc...but not only. I did come back with some more Semillon and a red Barollo style...truly special!

Tanya and Tiffany spent a morning visiting Robben Island while I was playing golf at Steenberg. They are lucky as the boats has had many technical issues over the past few days. Their boat trip was on, but all seats were sold out for days if they couldn't make it. As I've done it twice already, I made my way to Steenberg golf course.

As this is not our first neither second visit to Cape Town, this is not about visiting everything on the top ten, but rather experience few things we love here. One first was the finally opened Zeitz Museum at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront. For our last visit, they were putting the last touch to the newly open modern art museum. Here it is, it is open, the main museum dedicated to African Modern Art in Africa. Put it simply, this is modern art, so we don't have to like everything. I have to admit, the collection have been curated on a solid and impressive high level! We spent few hours here, never to be bored!

There was also the food, but I found out we didn't take many pictures. There is the sushi place inside the mall of the V&A. You may have to queue for over 30 minutes, but they do offer you a free wine tasting in the queue...super nice...and super nice food too! than there is as always the little stop at Den Aker for few mussels.

We were staying this time at the Westin. They have new General Manager, and I believe he is on the very "cheap" side when it comes to the experience he has to offer compare to the one before. We may not come back and will try something else in the city next time!

We drive around also a little. Weather was gorgeous and I love driving the Chapman's Peak road. It's a toll road, but the views are just out of this world! Oh, shall I not forget, with such a great weather, we also spent some time on the beach at Camps Bay....but here the water is as always...freezing!

We will do this trip, again...and again. But it was time to get back home. I would have love to dive here with the blue mako sharks. It the good season...but to do it, you need a mix of no winds, no waves, divers...They had divers, but winds made it impossible to go out for days. Yes, I took my diving gears with me for nothing...but I would be diving next few days non-stop at home!

Last but not least....I did something very high on my list....for years! Yes, I went in the air for a truly 20 minutes super fun just have to look at the pictures!

Next blog...a place in the middle of nowhere....with a lot of water!

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