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After a terrible, spooky night in our awful accomodation in the Magaliesberg near Rustenburg we got up very early, did not even bother about breakfast but just left this place. At least the peacock greeted us in the morning nicely. The house was really kind of spooky at night. Do not get us wrong, we love remote places to stay. But this house was cracking the whole night. The thunderstorm did not help. The house was huge and we had the feeling that some other souls are walking around at night. So, not much sleep for us. Anyway, the drive out of the beautiful landscape in this area in the early morning hours was wonderful. We were heading further north, Pilanesberg National Park it was. After a fantastic time in South Africa so far we did ... read more
Markus enjoying the views over Pilanesberg
star picture of a "bush chicken"

Africa » South Africa » North West » Pilanesberg National Park September 21st 2017

Eindelijk terug Wifi... Je zou haast gaan denken dat dit vanzelfsprekend is, maar wij hebben zelfs nog 2 dagen zonder enige telefoonverbinding moeten overleven... and we survived ! Dag 7 : Maandag 11/09/2017 Van Kaapstad, via West Coast NP, naar Clanwilliam We verlaten de Moederstad. Maar eerst nog even langs de beroemde kruidenwinkel 'Atlas' in Bokaap gaan om er even de lekkere aroma's op te snuiven en op zoek gaan naar kwaliteitswaar. Daarna richting West Coast NP om er de bloementapijt te bewonderen. In deze periode van het jaar is de 'Postberg Section' tijdelijk open voor het publiek om deze bloemenpracht te aanschouwen. De subtiele kleuren van de bloementapijten over het zacht glooiend landschap van de landengte tussen de oceaan en de lagoon... read more
2017-09-12_...op zoek naar de lokale Michelangelo

South Africa has so much to offer...and I have to admit, we are loving it! We had another cheap flight this time to Lanseria. This is the second airport in Joburg. It's a way smaller one right in between Pretoria and Joburg. We are staying this time two nights in Pretoria. Price of hotels here are way cheaper than in Cape Town, and the old Sheraton will have to do it. The plan is to do a return day into Pilanesberg. This is one of the top 10 parks in South Africa. It's just two hours drive from Pretoria, so pretty easy to do it in a long packed driving day. We did not stop this time in Sun City....but playing the top golf course is still on my wish-list. We have been lucky to be ... read more
Sunny family Sunday!
Just before we left the park...
Leopard time, on my small camera!

Manyane Caravan Camp, Pilanesberg to Johannesburg to the RV Depot. (196 km (122 miles) Thursday, March 27th. Rained in the night. As we left camp at 7:15, the baboons were raiding the garbage cans of the food stuffed inside from everyone cleaning out their units. We drove to the Center again to have breakfast, since we had given our food away and to see what was going on there in the morning. A troop of vervet monkeys was all over the building roof-tops, both mothers and babies. Not many other animals out this morning but, we did see a Crimson-breasted Shrike, which is a beautiful bird. One of our group said that when they drove up in their RV, we had monkeys all over the top of our RV and they were trying to get into ... read more
1403-527 Vervet monkey
1403-528  Mousebird, Red-faced
1403-529 Myna, Common

So after our long long week of theatre lists, 26hr on calls and various illnesses and ailments we were done...finally a couple of days off to explore South Africa. On Alan's recommendation we were going to head to the Pilanesberg National Park rather than Kruger (a 2.5 hour drive rather than 9!) which was the 3rd largest game park in South Africa and around 50, and still had the spread of a Big 5 animals we were hoping to see. On a budget and hoping to catch a glimpse of bear-grills-esque living we packed tent, chairs, sleeping bags and monopoly deal into our premier game ranging vehicle (the Atos!!) and set off for the Pilanesberg. We managed to avoid taking a table, lighting system, BBQ grill and kitchen sink (!) despite Alan's best efforts to set ... read more
The Bakgatla Gate
Almost forgot our park ranger outfits!
Our first spot

Friday the 28th of September, i decided to take my boyfriend to Pilansberg Game reserve for the weeken for our Anniversary. If you want to get in touch with nature this is definately the place to go. Quiet, peaceful and just relaxing. Get in touch with your inner self whilst watching animals at the watering hole, or feeding the birds on the front veranda. Listening to the lions rarr at night and waking up early to watch the sunset and listen to thousands of different birds chirp. Become one with nature and view the big 5! just absolutely amazing. COmpletely breath taking. You all have to experience Pilansberg Game reserve once!... read more
Water hole

Africa » South Africa » North West » Pilanesberg National Park September 27th 2012

Did I say we were going to Pilanesberg to rest and relax? Getting up at 5.15am every morning and driving around to go game viewing is not really my idea of relaxing! But when you see some memorable sights it makes it worthwhile. And just to enjoy the fauna and flora around us is great. We managed to get to Pilanesberg mid to late afternoon. Luckily there were quite a few camping sights still available, as they don’t allocate sights to you and the camp was filling up fast and furiously. Tents and gazebos up just in time, because the approaching storm was upon us. Lightning, thunder and gusts of wind lifting the gazebo so much so that we had to hold it down for a while, till the storm subsided. Not really the best thing ... read more

Africa » South Africa » North West » Pilanesberg National Park September 21st 2012

Long weekend in South Africa and this normally means there is a mass exodus of the major inland cities to some better destination where there is no traffic, sirens and crime. We are joining the masses and heading to Pilanesberg for some R & R and hopefully we will spot some game, wrongly identify some birds and just relax to gather some strength for the last quarter of 2012. Looking forward to a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and exchanging it for rush hour shower time in the campsite, crime of a different kind because the monkeys could well disappear with some of your food if you don't hide it from their beady eyes and light fingers and possibly some screeching as there are some very noisy birds calling ... read more

Geo: -25.2174, 27.0071We had the morning to sleep in; we didn't, but we made coffee in the rooms and hung out. After breakfast, we played a round of nine-hole "bush putt" (not quite as kinky as it sounds). It was very entertaining, with many lumps and depressions. We had each at least one good hole and one complete disaster. Didn't keep score, which made the bad holes much more palatable.Went shopping (Kyla bought a t-shirt), then had a coffee in our room. Lunched out by the pool/bar - very slow service today.Afternoon game drive was productive. The lighting was perfect golden hour. We saw some new animals: klipspringers (our favourite antelope) on a rock, rock hyrax (most closely related to ... the elephant!), and waterbuck. We also saw three rhino right on the side of the ... read more

Geo: -25.2174, 27.0071Woke early - overcast and cold. Breakfasted, then clambered aboard - with about six other people - an open jeep for a game drive, our first of the trip. Our ranger was fine, and we were provided with blankets, which helped make the morning a tad warmer.The drive was fine as well - saw a lot of animals, mostly from a distance, as we had to stay on the road and could only see what approached us. The animals, and what we learned about each:·Ostrich. Male has dark colouring because it sits on the egg at night·Wildebeest. Parks are allowed either the blue or black variety. Otherwise, they interbreed and produce weak offspring.·Zebra. We were told that the zebra's stripes , in addition to confusing predators, can be used for thermal regulation.·Impala. The males ... read more
Go-away bird
Mama and baby

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