Kruger Park

Published: June 4th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

-Animals! We wanna see animals! And we did indeed! =)

Us, Sarah and Nikk went together with Jimmy from Nelspruit Backpackers as a guide. Left early tuesday morning to be at the gates when they opened at 6. The day was full of sightings! Black rhino, white rhino with baby, lion with babies, three leopards, one ugly old buffalo and many normal ones, elephants up close, baboons, monkeys, zebras and many different anthelopes. Even a turtoise hurrying across the road! He made it safely to the other side. 😉 Also saw many different types of eagles and beautiful birds.

Camped at one of the rest camps where we had a braii. Poor Jimmy had to do all the cooking... -Jimmy! There's flames! We grilled the marshmallows ourselves though. 😊 By the time the chicken was ready we were too tired to eat it and sort of full from the sausages and marshmallows. But that was kind of great, now we had lunch for the next day!

The next day was slower when it came to animals sighted. We saw many white rhinos, kudu and impalas though. And we were tracking animals. It was so much fun! Learned the difference between different species, so now we can differ between lions and cheetas. Cool! All in all it was a great two days and we saw everything we could have hoped for and more. Only wild dogs and cheetas that kept themselves hidden. We will see them next time!! 😉

Rental car R2500 for 2 days
Entry fee R500 for the five of us
Camping R250 for the five of us
Food for 2 days R600

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