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This destiantion is the most beautifu place i have been. Luckily for me, my family owns a cottage in the Transkei Wild coast. (unfortunately I cannot say the name of this area, as it is a very remote and sacred area. what i can tell you is that it is inbetween Mazepa Bay and Wavecrest hotel. Where our cottage is, we are 5 STeps away from the perfect sandy beach which is everyones dream. If there are 12 people on the beach it is defined as a huge "crowd". there are 11 cottages down there, with the most amazing sunset and sunrise. This place is absouety amazing and very relaxing. It is not everyones ideal place to go, no electricity ( we run of generators ONLY AT NIGHT), there is also no signal down there. If ... read more
known as 2nd beach
sunset outside our cottage
cow on the beach

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Butterworth February 3rd 1994

ENTRY 48, Feb. 3, 1994 The End of Apartheid Republic of Transkei With the exception of the url=,+United+States+President+George+Bush%22+Cuba,+Libya,+Iran,+%22President+Mandela+was+critical+of+the+United+States%22&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=caUnited States and Israel, most of the world had imposed sanctions against South Africa, and was opposed to white minority rule. In 1976 when the Transkei became "independent", the practice of restricting black South African's legal place of residence to homelands or reserves was already entrenched in the apartheid system. Blacks would continue to be a source of cheap labor for white South Afr... read more
Nairobi, Kenya
The Train to the Coast
 [url=] Namirembe Guest House [/url]    Kampala, Uganda

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