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March 22nd 2013
Published: March 22nd 2013
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I see a pattern forming... I am really busy with work so have less and less time to write blogs, its soooo not my fault and I'm sorry and I'll try harder :-D

So about 2 weeks have passed since I actually wrote the last one. Since then I have spent a lot of time in Freetown meeting with sponsors, which is going great and we are now in party-planning mode for the Freetown Launch Party on Good Friday 😊 We are taking over the roof of a massive house on one of the hills of Freetown so the views are going to be pretty spectacular. Its a blank canvas as well so we can make it whatever we want, which is cool 😊

The link to the last marathon blog is

We went to The Hash again last week, which was great. If we go 10 times we get a Hasher name... need to get thinking about what our will be, any suggestions?!

The weekend was filled with St Patrick's Day fun times, it's quite handy that my job requires me to go to wherever the people are! So Saturday was Gaelic Football outside the National Stadium in Freetown. I've never seen it before so was pretty entertained and not the slightest bit surprised at how violent it was! One guy went for a particularly stylish tackle and came away with an enormous hole in his head and blood everywhere! Needless to say that team were a man down for a while until the other team lost Dixon after he played barefoot (forgot his trainers) and could no longer run on the sizzling floor. It's handy we take a load of marathon t-shirts wherever we go as the teams didn't have kit. We were able to kit them out, which was cool.

Later that day we watched the rugby at O'Casey's Bar at the beach...... lets not talk about that shambolic demonstration of 'rugby' shall we not?! Thoroughly miffed at the outcome, the lovely Carmen then led us to a Senegalese place for dinner and OMG Grandad, the spice could have blown even your head off! It was delicious though and we had competitions to see who could keep their mouth shut for the longest afterwards... food has never made me cry before! We then preceeded back to the beach road to a local place challenging the rastas to pool and table tennis and taking walks along the beach in the moonlight 😊 was a pretty cool eve.

Sunday we had a meeting with a guy who owns accommodation down on Lakka beach, we need to check them all out for where to host people the day after the marathon. The rekkie was pretty nice, got to play catch with some kids in the sea (top tip: take a tennis ball everywhere you go! I thought of you Lou!) and catch some face looked like a strawberry for the next few days and has now started shedding - yummy! I know, I know, suncream! Tracey is my honorary guardian out here, she has to remind me daily to take my pills and wear sunscreen!

We also went to an amputee football match on Sunday, which brought a few things home. They are all so strong and inspirational, you wouldn't think there was anything missing. So special to see.

Happy Birthday to Katie, Paul, Craig, Tracey, Topcat, Steph and my beautiful mummy for next week 😊 Hope you all have/had great days 😊

It's Tracey's Birthday on Monday but she's probably reading this so that's all I'll say for now 😉

Thanks to Zoe for your excellent help with my crappy stuff at home you have dealt with and for using your Yoda-rific skills to cure Tracey's Mac this week - you rock and you saved us. We were thinking of all sorts to get new laptops out here, to send this one to the UK to fix and someone bring back, to buying another one... you saved us - thank you!!

The Street Child (not marathon but programmes) team have been crazy busy for the last 5 weeks travelling to the far corners and holes of the country doing a research project for DFiD and that finally ends today!! They are going to bed early tonight and then we have all decided to take a day off tomorrow - HOW EXCITING! Not had one of those for a while. We are going to climb the Wusum Hill at the crack of dawn armed with a brekkie picnic, sit on the top for a bit and then hike (or in my case, fall!) back down. We might visit a waterfall thats a couple of hours away and go for a swim as well and then its Clubhouse Cocktail Kareoke tomorrow night to hopefully raise a bit of money.

I'll be heading to Bo early next week to promo the marathon some more. Going to go see my friends at Medicins Sans Frontieres while I'm there and see their camp... I sooooo want to work for them! They are the organisation that made me choose nursing in the first place so I'm slightly star struck. I know, lame!

I've uploaded aaaallll my photos so far to facebook, go have a gander if you can be bothered! (you might be there a while!) in case you can't be arsed, I've included my favourite ones in here.

Oh and not sure yet, but I might be deferring my Ghana contract as I can't go to the training 😞 bad times. I will let you know what the plan is when I hear from them. I'd be soooo tempted to stay if I didn't go..... WE'LL SEE!

On that bombshell! I'm gonna go, lots to do. Big hugs to all. Please write back as I do have time to read them just not reply and I didn't get any comments last time! 😞 Fill me in on your lives please. Silva, it was soooo great to speak to you yesterday, sorry I lost connection.

Love you all xxxxxxxxxx

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22nd March 2013

Sounds like you are having a great time, and you don't seem to have broken any bones yet we are amazed.😊 If you not going to come back in June our new puppy will be huge before you see him 😟 are you going for he all-over tan before you return or just the red head ? It's snowing here right now so we are well jealous of your wonderful weather. Keep safe, lots of love Dad xxx
25th March 2013

Thanks for sharing
Your blog has been really interesting to read! I'm heading to Sierra Leone from Canada in a few weeks and was happy to read about your experiences and see the photos. Thanks for sharing!
26th March 2013

Thank you :)
Hi :) thank you so much. When are you coming over and how long for?

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