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4th August 2013

I visited SL and saw for myself what great work street child did , your blog made me laugh and cry , keep up the great work these children need you
25th March 2013

Thanks for sharing
Your blog has been really interesting to read! I'm heading to Sierra Leone from Canada in a few weeks and was happy to read about your experiences and see the photos. Thanks for sharing!
26th March 2013

Thank you :)
Hi :) thank you so much. When are you coming over and how long for?
22nd March 2013

Sounds like you are having a great time, and you don't seem to have broken any bones yet we are amazed.😊 If you not going to come back in June our new puppy will be huge before you see him 😟 are you going for he all-over tan before you return or just the red head ? It's snowing here right now so we are well jealous of your wonderful weather. Keep safe, lots of love Dad xxx
18th February 2013

Settling in!!
Hi Honey, Looks like all is well and you are settling in and aclimatizing, Daddy had a fit last night when it said on the news someone had been kidnapped in Nigeria, he's OK now he knows that's a few countries away! All well here, Daddy away all week in Birmingham, at a show, me and Zippy fine, I am doing some decorating! and keep fit for our ski holiday. Enjoy the sun and send some back for us xxxxxx
20th February 2013

Haha tell him I apologise for any rise in blood pressure he is going to have over the next 10 months, purely through watching the news! It really is safe here (i'm touching wood!) and there isn't anything to worry about. Glad you guys are ok :) thinking of you xxx
13th February 2013

Go girl!
Hi Em, great posts I am enjoying reading about your adventure. Love the way you write, great honesty and descriptions. Looking forward to the next instalment. Crack on and stay safe, al xx
12th February 2013

Wow Electricity
Hi Em, They obviously knew you were coming so laid on the electricity in your honour!! Love the look of the hotel! I would go there more often if I was you!! All well here, had some more snow, Zippy Zoo sends her love xxxxx
9th February 2013

Ahhh Billy the Rat!
Glad you arrived safe and sound if a bit knackered! Lovin' Billy the rat, you'll have to feed him, give him a bath and a collar, take him for walks and pretend he's the puppy you've wanted for so long ;-) Stay safe and keep us updated with the excitement. xxxxx P.S. Ants going in a circle is very sad. They have lost the pheramone trail back to their nest and can now only sense the circle they've just made and so will keep following that trail until they die. (Perhaps I watch too many nature programmes!). xx
31st January 2013

Hi hun ........ hope that you have the most wonderful time and raise lots of money for such a good cause! Stay safe and well ..... love you to bits will miss you more .......xx

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