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Africa » Seychelles » Mahé » Victoria February 24th 2011

I remember my first dive as if it was yesterday – the sense of awe and wonder that filled me as I was entering this other world of unexpectedly intense colours, unusual shapes and serene stillness. At the time I did of course see the different fishes around me but only in the way one might perceive flowers in a field or birds in the sky – beautiful and exotic but essentially anonymous. And it has remained that way ever since – until now. Over the past few weeks I’ve learned to identify and name around 120 species of fish. It is a little like being introduced to 120 strangers who you consequently recognise and acknowledge and I cannot dive without thinking out the names of the now familiar fishes –a pair of coral rabbit fish ... read more
our courtyard
the ruins of the former youth village
our home

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin January 6th 2011

“Mesdames et Messieurs, 10 seconds to 2011...5,4,3,2,1 – Bonne Annee!!!”. A romantic restaurant by the beach, champagne, good company, great conversation... New Year’s eves don’t come much better than this. And not for the first time since my arrival on the Seychelles did I feel I had landed in paradise. A few years ago I saw a picture of Praslin in a travel magazine – huge boulders strewn on a white sandy beach, turquoise water, gently leaning palm trees... Ever since then I had dreamt of coming here. But who would have thought that one day I would actually be living and working in this picture postcard? I am going to be a volunteer for a marine conservation project based on Mahe, and we were told that with all the diving and studying there wouldn’t be ... read more
Anse Source D'Argent, La Digue
coco de mer
 baby hedgehog

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin December 20th 2010

We wake up with the noise of familiar sound of birds. They are everywhere. Today's plan is to catch the local bus to Valle De Mai. The bus journey takes forty five minutes to run around the entire island. The bus services are regular and the ticket price is fixed to 5 rupees, regardless of where you get off. My first experience was not that much pleasant in terms of taking buses. They drive off the road. You feel it. When the bus reaches a sloppy hill, or sharp bends the drive accelerator and drive crazily. All you can do is, hang on to a seat and pray that you don't end up 100 meters below in the sea. (Such a painful death could be unlucky indeed) Today's sky was clear and the atmosphere was hot. ... read more
Coco de Mai
Vallée de Mai
Vallée de Mai

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 30th 2010

No, not got sick of the other one yet (though he does push it sometimes!) and neither have I had my head turned at belly dancing, he he, but networking has suddenly become order of the day. It started with a random bumping into- and swapping of numbers- that after some thwarted attempts at planning resulted in a beach meet with A and his family. A couple of hours were spent on the beach trading stories and watching their kids hurtle about pretending to be superheroes and building sand empires. They were lovely and it was fun to be in the company of what I imagine a 2.3. family to be like - complete with dog - though the early friendship ws nearly finished as soon as it started as the dog, left to his own ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 30th 2010

In my second week at the British High Commission, the main focus of activity was the arrival of a Lifeboat donated by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to the Seychelles Coastguard. I got to exercise my press skills, writing the press release and speech for the handover ceremony and more thrillingly, got an invite to the handover itself - how’s that for dediciation (and a desire to do anything different) that myself and the other one found ourselves up early on a saturday morning to bear witness to this event. For Queen and Country and all that. As we strode through a type of Guard of Honour formation and the band struck up as we entered the marquee, I have to say I was a little embarassed- like being the second cousin of the bride’s ... read more

Africa » Seychelles July 28th 2010

A couple of colleagues are leaving the end of this school year and so we have a surprise do for one of them to attend. It’s an Arabian theme which the other one and I were going to ignore but then our neighbour J comes round having made the effort, so we feel guilted into doing the same… the other one grabs a tea towel for his head and I randomly stick on a pair of tights and a stained silk top (ever classy) that makes me look less Arabian and more an escapee from a mime school in the ‘playschool’ tradition. Still we made the effort eh? The party girl is I think surprised when we jump out of her kitchen and yell ‘ we didn’t do it’ and has a fun night dancing ... read more

Africa » Seychelles July 28th 2010

Finding out where to make tea is the first most important thing I think I learn on my first day at the British High Commission. The second is how to log in to my beggaring computer. I manage it eventually and it feels odd being on a dot in the middle of the indian ocean and yet connected to the UK Civil Service (once again) like I’ve never been away, though this time its an email ending, darling. I also fend off questions about visas that I cannot even begin to answer (its not really what I’m there for) and realise that such questions may now be the stuff of dinner table conversations as I’ve already had informal approaches from people I know. My advice? Read the website that’s what I do.... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 28th 2010

So I went to the belly dancing where there was a modest turnout. I enjoyed shaking my bits and the company of women. Something to be said for females having fun and though it would be dangerous to burn one’s bra in this context - risking personal injury for those with a more ample bosom ( I imagine…) - I fancy the youth today don’t know as much about the ‘F’ word these days as they should; the struggle ain’t over yet! Perhaps the group could become some radical feminist movement ‘ Bellies Towards Equality or ‘BeTy’. Go BeTy go.... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 26th 2010

We’ve managed to get a two bedroom bungalow for our two night stay at a reasonable resident’s rate and though it looks lovely from outside, painted green and cream with a wide porch and green shuttered windows, inside its very basic and the furniture purely functional. Still, I guess the idea is that we’re out most of the time. Abs spots a TV but his hopes are dashed before he has a chance to get them up as we switch it on and nothing happens. The ceiling fans above the beds are also a small cause for concern, it’s clear by the DIY way it’s hooked up that it’s clearly fallen down before. We eat at Chez Marston where we’ve been before as though we considered heading north, it’s a dark walk. The restaurant is quite ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé July 17th 2010

Why don’t they want to watch it on SBC because of gems like this: He hits it with his right foot, no sorry left It’s a penalty (it blatantly wasn’t) I do get tickled when a player puts his thumb up after missing a pass... read more

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