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July 27th 2017
Published: July 29th 2017
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July 27, 2017 - I woke up at 5am and watched episode 2 of Reign. Then I left to go back to my same spot to watch the sunrise, and hang with the crabs. A couple of dogs came by and were annoying, so I left a little early. That left me time to watch episode 3 before breakfast. And episode 4 after breakfast. Why didn't I start watching this on day 1 of my vacation?

At 10 am, I headed back to that same beach as this morning to spend the day. There was already a couple in the spot I'd scouted earlier, but then I found one that suited me better. It was under a tree and had rocks on both sides, so it was pretty secluded. The only bummer was that the road was right above me, but almost all the traffic is bikes, and not so many at that. I stayed until 3pm, reading, resting, watching the crabs, then went home to watch two more episodes of Reign. Damn addictions.

So, on this trip I've seen a lot of people in bathing suits, on this island more than anywhere else. At the beach, at the store, on their bikes. Bathing suits everywhere. And people on beaches are either half naked because they're in a suit, or changing, or topless sunbathing. It's weird how most people seem not to mind but I've always struggled with being in a bathing suit. But here, there are a higher proportion of people who look good in bathing suits than one would expect. Does that mean that the majority of people who come to the Seychelles are beautiful/thin/fit? Or does being in the Seychelles make one so? And how to they all have such cool bathing suits that look good on them? Not everyone, but most people. It makes me feel especially ill-prepared. They must have been planning their trips for long enough to have gotten nice new suits. I just pulled mine out of a drawer and then wore my underwear to the beach half the time. And who is the one here alone? Oh right, that would be me. Coincidence?

At 5pm, I headed back to my same takeaway and ate a fish curry there, went back to see my birds and skink (only the female bird today, and two skinks), stopped at the store to grab the Belgian Darkcoco Omypop (another new addiction - I finished the honey butter last night) and cycled to my sunset watching place. Afterwards, I pet the cat and watched Reign. It's strange being in a place where I have a routine. It's also strange that tonight is my last night here, and on vacation. Tomorrow I take the ferry back to Praslin, fly to Mahe, and then fly home tomorrow night via Paris. Saturday morning I'm home, and it's over, just like that.

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30th July 2017

Beach days
It seems like you've had a wonderful trip. So many sunsets and sunrises.

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