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Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack January 25th 2018

Senegal img= 1:55 Shells Island, Senegal 1 2018 Lac Rose Floating, Senegal 1 208 img= Lac Rose, Senegal 1 2018 Lac Rose Fashion S... read more
Bill Clinton4

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack June 22nd 2010

There was a SABAAR dance recently I was able to attend. Pictures included. Tried to do video but I need more training from videographer son to do better on that. It was energizing and exciting. People sit in a circle and drummers get going. There is some challenging between dancers and drummers to see who can outdo and keep up with the other; drummers seem to have an edge on that. At first many kids were dancing but gradually only one or a few at a time got up. It was organized by 10000 Girls and the staff there came DRESSED for the occasion. It was Friday, when many people are in Sunday best (it is a work day, but the Muslim holy day). Those expecting to dance also wore leggins. The biggie now for me ... read more
Veronique, trainer & manager of sewing, weaving, spinning, knitting program
Fatou dances
Mamethioro, super accountant,  REALLY dances

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack May 20th 2010

When kids perform or if receive awards in U.S. it is mostly parents who come to support them. I’ve even heard of some who enjoyed the recitals or plays. For my own children and other young ones I care about I appreciated seeing them grow, improve, and develop more poise. I was proud of the kids and the good job done. But there are few such presentations that I looked forward to attending. Anticipating an evening of skits, poems, and songs by students of English clubs in the area of Kaolack, I was prepared to be polite, fulfill a duty, and support the teachers who lead the groups. Shows and occasions for conferring prizes in Senegal are attended mostly by other students, a few educators, and random kids in the neighborhood who come to watch; it ... read more
Skit with "elders" and moderns
Consultation with the "shaman"

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack May 7th 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all who have mothered anyone, in any way. WRESTLING A couple of teachers told me there was wrestling tournament and I should go. When I hear that I am inclined to follow the suggestion. The football (soccer) field where this was to be held was crowded with a wall of spectators preventing even a glimpse of the action. The PE teacher-trainer from the education office was one of those in charge. He got me up on the grandstand. This was going to be very worthwhile experience. This was traditional wrestling, similar to Olympics and to Sumo wrestlers. There was a semi circle area, with sand as its ground, where competition took place. It was about 60 feet in diameter, surrounded by portable barricades. Gradually, as more people came to sit in front ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack April 28th 2010

COURT VISITS I've been teaching English to some court people so they invited me to see some trials. I even got a great lunch with them. Much is the same, some different from US (or movies & TV). Last year juries were eliminated: they are seen as too unreliable, emotional, or going by prejudices. There are 3 judges; prosecutor and clerk are to their side. All these wear red robes (because it is a court for major crimes) with black band at sleeves, and jabot-like white piece down front. Chief judge, prosecutor, & clerk also had sash with white fur and black spots. Clerk takes notes by hand. Defense attorney was in 2nd row, behind witnesses, me & others. He came forward for questions. He wears a black robe with the same jabot as the bailiff. ... read more
Defense attorney
Court room

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack April 20th 2010

NGALLAH Similar to turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving, I've had a good amount of ngallah. This is a millet, peanut, and baobab fruit mixture that Christians make for Easter to give Muslims, to share and express friendship. I'm not sure if it more welcome than Christmas fruit cakes. It is a tasty, rich, heavy food so I could only have small servings at a time. Some make it like a thick soup, others more of pudding consistency. THINKING AGAIN While things were in slow-mo because of Easter break, I've gone into a dangerous area-- thinking.* Part of my reason for going overseas was to go look for myself. Athome I pushed aside some parts and did not pay attention to them. Here, I can't avoid meeting my thoughts, reactions, and feelings. There are new conditions, practices, events, ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack March 30th 2010

SORTA TEACHING My days are pretty leisurely now. I continue to do 3 sets of English conversation classes, but sporadically. The heat was taking a toll and I could not walk to class at 3PM anymore. The sand (which covers sidewalks and unpaved streets) burned my feet. I arrived sweaty (but not too smelly) and worn out. The group agreed to 10AM but it is often busy for them in other activities. For class at a UN office, the people travel a lot, so there were only 2 or 3 in town some days. At the court of appeals class is scheduled when official duties are supposed to be over, but those frequently run late. My literacy class in French is the most regular, but least liked by me. The heat may have chased some mosquitoes ... read more
Alliance Franco-senegalaise de Kaolack
Class in malaria project

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack March 10th 2010

DIOHINE Diohine is a village that could not be on a road map, because there is no road. The way there is 10 kilometers of paths through fields. It is a mystery to me that anyone can find it since there are many turns and few landmarks. The place chosen by USAID for an official visit is a model school: well-built, state of the art equipment (with internet access in the technology lab) an enthusiastic administration, very supportive community, kids who are doing well in national exams. This middle school began by in 1 classroom. Until the community shows itself serious about getting a school, things go no further. They wanted the kids to have education without going away from home. The government added resources and USAID helped more. One of its greatest successes is with ... read more
Exorcism at Diohine
Mother & child at workshop
Traditional peanut oil making

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack March 4th 2010

THE GAMOU The Gamou celebrating the birthday of the prophet was this past week. In Kaolack it was especially big because of the dedication of a large mosque, founded by a very respected holy man and teacher, (a marabout). Most mosques are built in a few months. This one took 70 years for some reason. It is a teaching center with many followers from the U.S., especially Atlanta and Detroit. Visitors from Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, The Gambia, and elsewhere were around. Since many pilgrims come by foot, camel, bus, car, or otherwise, they stayed several days, parked wherever. In the afternoons, at the "pause" after the main meal, cots were set alongside vehicles for a rest. To visit the mosque I wore a skirt, but was told it was better to change to African ... read more
Mosque at Medina Baye
Checking out a camel in town

Africa » Senegal » Kaolack Region » Kaolack February 16th 2010

This past week I went to visit several town and villages. Again there are many contrasts. I went with the program 10000 Girls to deliver bags and books for girls. Older girls make bookbags and supplies are put in them. Books are for tutoring sessions for exams students must pass to go from one level of education to another. Comparable to going from elementary school to middle to high school and on. The person I traveled with was Kate, a former Peace Corps volunteer to the area. Since volunteers live in the village, she was adopted where we visited. There is something different about the people in the village compared to urban populations. Perhaps they are more open and welcoming. They know each other well and there is a feeling of solidarity among them. To reach ... read more
Meeting a new friend
New books for girls

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