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April 4th 2012
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Rwanda is the most beautiful country I have ever visited. I wish I could upload a picture for you. All I saw out the airplane window was lush green rolling hills with red dirt roads winding around the many green hills. We stepped off the plane into a postcard, and the smell of fresh cut grass filled my nose. It was so peacefully quiet and calm. The county is SO clean. No trash laying around anywhere. The people are gentle, and beautiful. It is extremely overwhelming to think the genocide of 1994 took place here. I am in awe of this country and the beauty that has come from the ashes.

I was told Rwanda looks just like Uganda, except for the culture of course. I can now fully understand what Katie Davis is talking about in her book "Kisses From Katie," when she describes the breathtaking beauty of Uganda.

We came to Rwanda to visit Jean Baptist, the director of Youth For Christ -Rwanda. Lifepoint Church is currently supporting YFC-Rwanda. REALLY encouraged to be supporting such a solid organization. We were able to visit the School of Discipleship where 39 students, just graduated from high school, we're being trained and discipled as future Christian leaders of Rwanda for an entire year. #worldchangers Jean Baptist invited each of us in front of the students to say something. So I just introduced myself and asked if they had any questions. Question #1 "are you married?" ha. Question 2 "how old are you?" I respond "28." they respond " ohhh. That's old." HA. I guess I am late to the marriage game in their culture. I could tell this was going to be a fun conversation. I ended up making the director Jean Baptist attempt a country line dance in front of all the students. Very entertaining for all of us.

Youth For Christ - Rwanda also has a school of 700 children. 30% which are sponsored through the child sponsorship program. They have a rich agricultural program. HIV / AIDS outreach to women, vocational training, and a sports ministry outreach. Many of these creating self generated income and self sustainability.

I had a really funny conversation with Luka , YFC employee, on the way home from dinner. He was telling me how weird Americans are about dogs. Haha. He heard on some radio show how Michelle Obama talked about her dog as her 3rd child and he was so confused. He couldn't believe that our Walmart had isles designated for dogs. I was then laughing as I told him how people dress their dogs up in clothing, carry them around in their purse or stroller, allow them to sleep in their beds, or even sit with them on a chair at the dinner table. He couldn't believe it. Haha. As I was talking, I just laughed at how ridiculous it sounds to be saying it to someone who has only known a dog to be desired as an outside watch dog.

God is here. God is moving. God is working.....and He is using his people to do it. This partnership is golden, and I can't wait for Lifepoint Church to send some teams.

Love, "Auntie Ashley"


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