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Africa » Nigeria » Abuja September 25th 2012

"Oyibo" is a word that I am starting to get extremely familiar with. It means "white person" or "foreigner" and Katie and I have definitely heard it enough times that we are beginning to respond to it on impulse. We are very aware of just how "oyibo" we happen to be, for everyone is completely shocked to see us here. We've even gotten bursts of laughter, which I also have to join in on. It's gotten to the point where I myself, am shocked to see white people and find myself wondering what reason they have to be here. Hmm, I suppose my mindset is slipping into the culture without me realizing it. I'm going to start where I left off a few days ago, Sunday morning we rose bright and early to accompany Claire, Ngozi, ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Abuja September 22nd 2012

Wow. Honestly "wow" is probably my first thought at almost everything since we've arrived in Nigeria. "Wow, I have never seen such a beautiful mosque", "Wow, some of these people are living INCREDIBLY difficult lives", "Wow, I have entered a whole new world". This has to be the most interesting place I have ever been. And I'm completely infatuated with it. Our flight to Paris was fairly easy-going; a walk in the park compared to our later flight to Abuja. As soon as we boarded the plane to Nigeria we realized how different of an environment we were about to be in. There were so many children on our flight and they seemed to enjoy walking about just as the plane was getting ready to take off. It was very chaotic on that flight. A lot ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Abuja August 29th 2008

Beste familie, vrienden, vriendinnen, collega's en mensen die ik vergeten ben. Mijn eerste twee weken zitten erop en het gaat tot nu toe nog uitstekend. Ik ben gelukkig nog niet ziek geweest, maar dat zal er vast wel een keer van komen, getuige de omstandigheden. Mijn werk is zeer divers en heel interessant. Het kost teveel woorden om te zeggen wat ik exact doe, maar ik ben vooral bezig met mensenhandel en de juridische samenwerking tussen NED, Nig en overige VN lidstaten. Over twee weken komt er een delegatie vanuit Nederland, bestaande uit de hoofd Officier van Justitie en KLPD en enkele topambtenaren van het Ministerie van Justitie. Deze week moet ik voorbereiden en ik mag de hele week meelopen, wat erop neer komt dat ik hele belangrijke mensen ga spreken binnen het OM (wat heel ... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Abuja August 16th 2008

Mensen, Op maandag 18 augustus is het na 5 maanden voorbereiden dan eindelijk zover, ik vertrek naar Abuja te Nigeria. Het doel van mijn reis is stage lopen op de Nederlandse ambassade voor een periode van 4 maanden. Ik hoop met deze stage ervaring op te doen binnen de rechtsgebieden van het internationale strafrecht en mensenrechten. Maar bovenal ga ik een groot avontuur tegemoet in een land wat door vele mensen wordt gezien als het meest criminele en corrupte land van het continent Afrika. Ik ben zeer benieuwd in hoeverre dit het geval is. Voorzichtigheid staat dan ook bovenaan! Mijn ervaringen wil ik met jullie delen via deze website. Veel plezier en ik beloof vaker te ''posten" (althans vaker dan in Colchester).... read more

Africa » Nigeria » Abuja July 4th 2008

How Far Now? (Nigerian Broken English for "How are you doing?") Arrived into Lagos, Nigeria on Monday from Cairo (after going to bed at 1 am to witness the European Soccer Championships and getting up at 2 am to catch a 6 am flight). We took a puddle jumper to Abuja and met up with our man Abbas Abubakar at the airport. That night we ate a traditional Nigerian meal with Abbas' boss at his home. The meal included Mui Mui (pounded yam), Chicken Pepper Soup (didn't affect us then, but our paying the price dearly now), Elephant Fish and potatoes. That night we went to the local nightspot The Clubhouse, smoked a shisha and had a couple Star Lagers (local beer of Nigeria). Tuesday saw us explore the capital of Abuja a little more. We ... read more
Aso Rock
Tucana Club
Fish Market

Africa » Nigeria » Abuja February 17th 2008

Nigeria, Nigeria. This has been the hardest blog entry to write. I don't want to sound like an Africa snob, raving on about how friendly a country that most people hate is, but I think the enforced extension of our stay in Nigeria allowed us to see a different side of the country. Most people travelling through West Africa try to spend as little time as possible in Nigeria due to the country's formidable reputation; some of the most corrupt officials in the world man the road blocks, crime is rampant in Lagos and other parts of the south, and violence is common in the Niger Delta. However, we had a fantastic time and there were a few crazy moments when we half considered never leaving. For us the border crossing at Ekok/Mfum was fine other ... read more
Nick helping to fix the flat on his bday
Nick with the minibus crew once they had dropped us off
Malaria days

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