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July 14th 2007
Published: July 14th 2007
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So Im in Morrocco and i really dont know how to feel. Im actually really wishing i wasnt here, that i was back in barcelona, or even better home on the couch in australia watching the crows play. but im not and so i feel like i should be making the best of this situation- finding out what it is that others love about this place....why i am i so tense that my neck is stiff and everything aches? why... Read Full Entry

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Moroccan SlippersMoroccan Slippers
Moroccan Slippers

And more mint tea.. we did good bargaining in this one!!
Snakes in the SquareSnakes in the Square
Snakes in the Square

They wanted us to give them 200 dirham (about 30 bucks!)for these pictures- they got about 20 ($2.50!)
Slippery little SuckersSlippery little Suckers
Slippery little Suckers

Very tense smiles!!!

Chez got a bargain here too!
Great restaurant!!Great restaurant!!
Great restaurant!!

We ate here twice coz it was so cheap and delicious.
Its not photoshopped.Its not photoshopped.
Its not photoshopped.

Im just this corny!
The train left at 4.30 amThe train left at 4.30 am
The train left at 4.30 am

and we made sure we were on it! To get to Casablanca Airport in time

14th July 2007

sounds like...
Nice post! I think its the most honest, and seemingly the most 'real' experience you've had to date. Europe is like a fairyland of sorts where everything is easy. Sounds like Morocco for you is one of those experiences that makes you think twice about everything, an experience that you dont really enjoy at the time, an experience in a place so different you cant tell if you are on vacation or living out some sort of excommunication. But I think no matter what happens, when you leave that place you will look back and say, "That was the best experience I had in travelling 6 months through 15 countries!! (I HOPE! :) ) Make the best of it and take lots of pictures please! Ohh yeah, and gut feelings are usually right, so try not to loiter around at night- rule #1 in unsafe countries!!!
15th July 2007

You will never be there again
Amy, I understand your anxious but you are with someone, not alone just try and enjoy it. Look at what is beautiful you may never be there again Thinking of you here in very WET Osaka!!
15th July 2007

What an amazing read. You have a talent to paint a picture, I thought I was reading a Wilbur Smith novel. No, a thriller like Dick Francis. The scary thing I know its you, and I want you to come home. You are a wise young thing, and I know you are trusting your instincts and that will be enough, but the maternal non travelled me says "OH my God." Looking forward to the next part of your adventure Love and awe from Lol
15th July 2007

omg Amy!
You are certainly having SOME major adventures! Please be careful and safe!!
16th July 2007

just enjoy
Amy, i loved your 1st impressions of moroccco. make the best of your time there.
16th July 2007

It had been a while since your last entry, I was wondering what you were up to. Sounds like a real adventure. Enjoy it, and stay safe. Rock the Casbah -- great song.
19th July 2007

World Traveller
I'm glad to hear your time in Morocco has improved but I did find the first part of your impressions fascinating - interesting but scary! I would have totally freaked out too! It really sounds, smells, tastes and feels like you are in a totally different world! I thought I was a world traveller! Good on you! Can't wait to see you in Japanland very soon!! xxxx
11th September 2007

The Streets of Marekesh
Hey! I like the photos, looks so 'desert oasis' in contrast to your last Germany pics! I rated a few. I liked the exotic feeling of everything, its definitely not Europe! Blackmanx fever has caught on, we are all eagerly awaiting your next post!!

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