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July 26th 2008
Published: July 26th 2008
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We arrived to Chefchaouen on the 24th. I had really been looking forward to coming here and, aside from being smack in the middle of the Sahara, this is my favorite place so far in Morocco. The town is nestled in the Atlas mountains in the north. The city is built into the mountains so the streets are winding and very steep and there are many sets of uneven, steep stones stairways. The city earned it's nick-name "The Blue City" because the majority of the walls and doors and stairs (pretty much anything you can paint) are whitewashed various shades of blue and periwinkle. It makes the town soooo beautiful and the color is very calming and seems to make things cooler amongst the heat. There is no humidity here...in the shade it is quite cool, but the sun is a'blazin'!

We are staying at a great little hotel called Pension La Castellana for 100 dirhams (7 USD each) a night with a view of the mountains. The shopping is much better here because people don't persistently hastle us. We don't have to have our guard up and can browse with ease. Although, it's harder to stand our ground and barter for a good price when the people are so nice to us! Yesterday we went for a walk to a waterfall, which is also a local watering hole. Tonight we are planning to hike higher up the mountains at sunset.

Overall, it has been a pretty relaxing and uneventful few days, although, this morning we did a good deed for the day. We took a taxi to the bus station to buy our tickets for tomorrow and as we were walking in, a teeny tiny kitten was belting out meows and clumsily walking our way. No mama in sight. Great. I'm guessing he's 2 weeks old at most and there is no way he would survive without a mama. After debating what to do and trying to feed him I remembered seeing a cat nursing 3 kittens last night at one of the shops we walked through. I scooped him up and took him in the taxi with us back to the medina. We found the shop and the shop owner called for the mama and she came running. She sniffed the kitten and we gave her some food and the kitten started nursing on her! I almost cried. I named him REALLY Lucky.

Hope all is well!!


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26th July 2008

I love the blue city! Everything matches so well. So glad you're having a wonderful trip. Truly an adventure of a lifetime!!! Stay safe and have fun! Love you!
27th July 2008

I love the four-legged friends you're meeting and saving. I know you're not stopping at any orphanages, but you're making your impact elsewhere...love it!
28th July 2008

The city is gorgeous.....it even feels cooler in the pictures!

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