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May 10th 2006
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I decided to take a day trip to Rabat, the capital, which is only an hour ride by train from Casa. It started out a bit rough as I went to the wrong train station (Voyagers instead of Casa Port) and when I got to Casa Port I missed the train by one second. No worries as they leave every 30 minutes.

I planned out my attack on Rabat during the train ride and upon arrival, I bounded up the stairs and out of the Rabat Ville station. And within one minute I was lost! But I gathered myself and found my way to the Chellah ruins.

From the ruins, I decided to walk to the mausoleum of Mohammad V. Along the road, I saw a US flag in the distance. As I drew closer to the flag, I noticed that a Moroccan flag was in the background and thus created a good photo opportunity. So I snapped a few photos. As I continued down the road, I realized that the American flag was part of the US Embassy. Soon a few well-armed Moroccan military men stopped me and asked for my camera and passport. I refused and they walked me to the gate of the Embassy where they rang inside and a female US marine answered. They passed me the phone and I heard "Hi, I'm first seargent Kattie Malone, 5th regiment out of North Carolina. Please give your camera and passport to the Moroccan army personnell. I said "Hi, I'm Larry Karpen from NY and the only way I am giving up my passport and camera is if I am allowed to enter the Embassy first". I was ushered into the embassy and the female marine met me and took my camera and passport. She returned shortly and I was allowed to leave. They of course deleted the photos I had taken.

I continued my tour of the city by making my way to the mausoluem of Mohammad V, the adored ruler of this nation from 1927 to 1953. It was an impressive site featuring two guards on horseback, a large monolith, a mable courtyard filled with colunms, a garden with fountains and pools and the main building of white and green. I spent an hour gazing upon the wonderous spectacle that is the mausoleum.

My plan was to take a row boat across the

Roman ruins in Rabat.
small river that separates Rabat and Sale...but due to a large construction project on the riverside, I walked the 800 meters in the midday sun.

It's off to Cairo, Egypt to meet up with my friend Kirk from the US.

Additional photos below
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New and OldNew and Old
New and Old

New flowers grow among the old ruins of Chella.
Through the looking GateThrough the looking Gate
Through the looking Gate

View through one gate into another and out the back.
Mausoluem GuardMausoluem Guard
Mausoluem Guard

This guard on horseback guards the entrance to the Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat.

Columns make up square with large pillar in background.

Looking up from the street and the pools of water.

Old lady in traditional muslim garb walks in front of this gate in Sale, the area across the river from Rabat.
Alleyway in SaleAlleyway in Sale
Alleyway in Sale

A group of people gather in front of this archway. I like this shot for a few reasons: the long alleyway, the arch, the people and the TIDE ads.

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