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December 10th 2017
Published: December 13th 2017
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Today is our first day in the desert and folks that is pretty much what it is.

After a good sleep in and a lovely breakfast, although breakfast is a bit like tagines, pretty much the same every time. We head out for some ATC (All Terrain Camel). The driver (or leader) introduces us to our camels , Amhed, Aziz, Amal and Ronnie. Ronnie is mine. Ronnie is a very nice camel although he has a bit of a rumbly tummy and tends to poo and wee a lot. Technically there are no camels in Morocco and these are in fact dromedaries with only one hump. I have since discovered that the Schtookster duded us. He told us that they live 24 years when in fact they live for 40 (maybe that's just the way the Moroccans look after them). As you drive through the desert you come across herds of camels which are still tended by nomads who basically move and camp around the Sahara. We passed a hospital that the French built for the nomads. Unfortunately they built it in the wrong place so it lies abandoned. Back at the camp it was time to have lunch and then rest up. I've been reading the Great Grand Final Heist a great literary work about the Tigers ruthlessly beating a pathetic has-been Souths side in the 1969 grand final.

This afternoon it was time for ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). This was one of the funnest things I've done. Hooning around the desert on an ATV is a blast. Becs was a little hesitant but Gus and I had great fun zipping past her flying up and down dunes and generally terrorising her (she wasn't so keen on the camels either).

This evening we have dinner with an American couple who arrived at the camp in the afternoon. They were quite nice, although Jeremy was coming down with a cold. Becs gave him some good old Australian drugs (Gus also offered but I told him to keep his in that secret compartment in his suit case!).

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