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May 31st 2012
Published: April 3rd 2012
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Our luggage fully packedOur luggage fully packedOur luggage fully packed

Our very colourful suitcases, the silver one and yellow ones are Carmens and the blue, pink and orange are mine.
Today we slept in until 2.00pm and straightaway we started packing since it was our last day. We didn’t even get dressed. I had to go through all of my stuff I bought and pack it into plastic bags and even wrapped some of them in my clothes so it didn’t break. It took 20 minutes just to go through all of my jewellery. I forgot about half of the stuff I bought so I was excited seeing it all there. It felt like I bought myself a present.

Carmen went out to by some lunch and some bubble wrap to wrap up my porcelain dolls in. While she was gone the maid came in the room and made our beds, mopped and vacuumed. I thanked them with a tip and they left. 5 minutes later Carmen came back with a pizza and we had a break. After lunch we continued with packing and I washed all of our clothes in case of any germs. While I did that Carmen went to the money exchange office and got our money changed back to AUS. While the clothes was drying i tried to make it faster with a hair dryer and
Our yummy pizzaOur yummy pizzaOur yummy pizza

Our free pizza for the last night at the hotel
it took 30 minutes

Carmen came back and in total i had $693.75 AUS left and she had $849.20 AUS. We went and returned our car and planned to take a taxi in the morning to the airport. We took a taxi back to the hotel but stopped at a little security store and picked up some little key locks for our luggage as we have had our valuables stolen from our suitcases before.

It was now 6.00pm when we got back to the hotel so we ordered room service and it was free for our last night. I got lasagne and Carmen got Steak and salad. Our luggage was now all don and our clothes were dry so we set out our outfits for tomorrow and got to bed early.


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