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May 27th 2012
Published: March 30th 2012
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The Nachos we waited so long for...
Today I slept in until 3.00pm as I went to bed at 12.00 after a very long swim. When I woke up Carmen was awake and ready watching the movie 'Blades of Glory'. We decided to stay in our hotel room all day and watch movies together. We ordered room service, a big basket of chips and gravy and then put on 'Big Daddy'. We ended up being bored and playing go fish but still wanted to stay in all day.

After the movie we watched the TV series 'Glee' season 1, 2 and 3. When we finished it was 5.00pm already. We went to the pool and tanned for a bit, it was a really hot day so we paid an employee at the hotel to get us drinks and to massage our feet. After a while we went for a swim and hired some scuba goggles and breathing tube so we could look at the paintings at the bottom of the pool, there were lots of colourful fish and underwater sea life.

When we were done we went back to the room and since it was already 8.00pm we ordered some nachos from room service. Before it arrived we decided to have a quick shower and put on our pyjamas. When we were done we sat on the couch watching the news waiting for our nachos. It came an hour later and when we asked why we said Sunday is the busiest day for room service as it is the biggest lazy day of the week.

The nachos were really hot and we didn’t have any water left in the fridge so we called room service again to get some cool drink and fruit juices to stock up the fridge. It took another hour for the drinks so by the time they came our nachos were cold. We put our drinks in the fridge and asked for fresh hot nachos. We waited for another hour and by the time it was ready it was 11.00pm.

We ate our nachos and watched 'The Big Bang Theory' until 2.00am and then we went to bed with a full stomach.


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