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May 26th 2012
Published: March 30th 2012
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The Caudan Waterfront Shopping CentreThe Caudan Waterfront Shopping CentreThe Caudan Waterfront Shopping Centre

The Caudan Waterfront Shops we went to.
We woke up at 7.00am and went to a beauty salon up the road from our hotel. We walked into the door and noticed it was very dark and cool, a woman that worked there said it was to help you relax while being treated. Me and Carmen were looking at the brochure trying to decide what we wanted. In the end I chose a Mani/Pedi and a faced mask treatment, to finish up I was going to get a haircut and colour. We both went into separate rooms and started our treatments.

We finished at 12.00pm and went to Chez Aline restaurant, a Chinese cuisine place. After lunch we went to the streets and drove around looking for shopping malls. We stopped at the Caudan waterfront Shopping centre and went inside. We were shopping for what felt like hours, in the end in total we spent $900.00. We went in a pet store and saw some very unusual animals, they were selling a small type of monkey, but only for people who had licences, they were selling fully grown dogs, not naming the breed just calling them guard dogs.

We left the shops at 3.00pm and headed for the beach, it was a very hot day so we took some bathers, sunnies and sunscreen. We pulled into the car park and our bare feet were burning on the hot gravel we ran to the sand, only to see it was worse. We dropped our stuff and ran to the water. The water wasn’t as cold as usual, in fact, it was kind of warm. We decided to head back to the hotel and go in the pool instead. We made a mad dash to the car and the doors were barely open when we squeezed through onto the seats and in the air-conditioned car. Driving back we saw many locals walking barefoot, we thought they were crazy but realised that they have been here all their lives and were probably used to the extreme heat.

When we got to the hotel we grabbed our stuff and got ready to run to the pool, but the limestone floor was refreshingly cool. We walked to the pool and jumped into the pool, i was really cold, and we never realised how deep it was, we stayed into the pool until it was dark and then went to our hotel room and went to sleep straight away without dinner.


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