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May 24th 2012
Published: March 30th 2012
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Nando Chilli ChickenNando Chilli ChickenNando Chilli Chicken

The chilli chicken Carmen had for lunch.
Me and Carmen woke up at 11.00am, with the TV was still on. We got ready and left to go to the city to get some lunch. We stopped at Nando's and we ate. Carmen had Chilli Chicken and I had Lemon Chicken with salad. We stayed in the restaurant for a while and just absorbed the atmosphere. The waiters/waitresses were extremely friendly and very hospitable to our comfort.

We left Nando's at 1.00pm and walked around looking for some good shops. We stopped at a jewellery store and went inside. Everything was incredibly cheap. You could buy 18 carat gold hoop earrings for only $100.00 and a 24 carat gold chain for $170.00. I spent $400.00 dollars alone in that store. We left the shop with our hands already full. We went into a Billabong store and bought lots of bathers, summer dresses and thongs. The total amount of money i had spent for that day was $800.00 at least.

We headed back to the hotel and went to the pool for some more tanning. We met a really nice employee that gave us a tour of the rest of the hotel. We all went down to the
Scuba divingScuba divingScuba diving

Our tour guide scuba diving
beach and he mentioned he was also a tour guide. We decided to do some scuba diving in the reefs nearby. He went to a little shed up near the road and gave us some scuba diving gear. Carmen and I went into the change rooms and got ready. When we were done he told us some rules and safety tips for when in the water.

We got into the water and it was surprisingly warm, I straight away spotted a green turtle, it was amazing. You could see hundreds of colourful fish underneath us. Me and Carmen started to go a little deeper, but always kept our eye on the guide. We turned around slowly, inspecting the water for any sign of danger, when a dolphin started to swim up to us. It looked very fragile and delicate but as soon as Carmen tried to touch it the dolphin swam away.

After what felt like hours of being underwater, we headed back to the hotel. We thanked our guide and then quickly got to our room as it was getting dark. We ordered pizza as we were too tired to leave our room. Straight after dinner Carmen fell asleep, so I decided to go for a bath. I almost fell asleep but got the strength to get up and get changed. I flopped onto the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.


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