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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega November 10th 2009

Hello everyone! i first want to say how much i LOVE reading the comments everyone has left. it seriously makes my day. also, i don't think i have thanked everyone at SSMS yet for all of your wonderful donations. they are being put to such great use. you all are a blessing! i can't believe it has been a week since i blogged. i hope i can remember everything =) .... school has been going quite well. i feel like i'm getting the hang of things more each day. yesterday i started my letter writing lesson with the third grade class. they loved the letters i brought them from home. so to all of my students back at spencer elementary your letters are in the process of being written! i miss you all and you better ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega September 29th 2009

Hello again from Kenya, It’s now Day 23 here and time is flying by! I am beginning to feel more at home here at Kakamega. Getting to know the area better, the people better etc. I feel more comfortable in my surroundings. I guess this is normal over time. I am even able to go running outside now, even though people stare at me and think I'm weird! People have been asking about how the town of Kakamega is like where we are living, so maybe I will try to explain. It’s a town with a plenty of people and plenty to see. The town is not very developed and looks pretty dirty. It has a main open market where you can go buy your fresh fruit and vegetables which is about a 5 minute walk ... read more
Our Muddy Road
ACCES Building
Candace & ACCES Office and Apartment

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega September 12th 2009

Hello everyone! Or as they say in Swahili, Habari!! We have finally made it to Kenya and are staying in the town called Kakamega which is in the Western Province of Kenya. Kakamega is a smaller town close to the Kakamega Forest Reserve part of a tropical rain forest with an array of wildlife like wild flowers, birds and monkeys. It is about an hour (bumpy!) drive north of Kisumu which is Kenya’s third largest towns set on the shores of Lake Victoria. It recently became even more popular with Obama’s father’s home town being very close to Kisumu. As soon as we got into Nairobi I saw a big advertisement with Obama’s face plastered all over it and even our key chains for our place we are living in have Obama on them! I don’t ... read more
Level 7 Kids at ACCES' Shitaho School
Smiles at Shitaho while waiting for Uji meal
Drinking water from the Shitaho's water well

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega August 22nd 2009

I apologise that it has been a while since the last update but unfortunately I also succumbed to the err ‘health issue’ that many have already experienced so I was out of action most of Sunday and Today (Monday) has been rather busy! So today is our day off. We started out relatively early with breakfast then it was off to Kakamega. It was ‘about an hour’ to Kakamega town where we stopped off to have a wander around the town market. A couple of us were brave enough to make purchases. Jeremy saw a hefty looking adjustable wrench he took a fancy to, he says he needed it for a plumbing job, but it was rather large and shiny so I suspect there may have been a bit more too it than that. In the ... read more
Kakamega Market
Rondo Gardens
A Big Snail

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega January 13th 2009

We spent the weekend at Fern Gully working with Zach, Robin Williams, and Tone Loc to help the fairies save the rainforest. Actually we spent our weekend at the last remaining rainforest in Eastern Africa called Kakamega which we referred to all weekend as Megakaka. At any rate, its a very small national park, only 230 square km, which is a legitimate rainforest. We stayed at a compound run by missionaries which had the feel of a well manicured ghost town. All the same it was a great trip, with excellent food, over 300 species of birds, 7 species of primates, butterflies, and too many bats.... read more
Two Primates in the Forest
Pretty Butterflies
Dark Knight

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega June 28th 2008

I decided to change my wake-up call to 6:00 am. It came right on time this morning, although I have been up, off and on, since 3:00 am. I am feeling a slight sinus infection coming on and the eye infections that have dogged me for the last two months are also starting to irritate again. I pondered how to avoid another shower incident today and decided to just have a good "wash over" in the sink of the public washroom. That actually worked very well and relieved me of any subsidiary guilt I had breakfast and was at the school by 8:00 am (school starts at 7:00 am, even thought some of the students walk miles every day to get there). Charles and Pius were not expected to show up until 9:00 am, so ... read more

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