Karen Ford


Karen Ford

Africa October 5th 2009

HABARI! It’s mind blowing that another week has passed, each week going by faster than the last. I am now counting down the days left and they are coming at me way too fast. Only 10 more days left in Kakamega. I thought that the closer we would be to leaving the more excited I would be go home since I miss everyone so much, but I am finding myself in new territory, one that I have never experienced before and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to leave just yet... Today I sit outside in the garden reading my book “Always Looking Up” by Michael J. Fox. As I’m avidly reading, captured by Michael’s optimism and biting into my tuna sandwich I get this feeling that many call deja-vu, but this time it ... read more
Ruth from ACCES' Inkonyero School
Josephat from Inkonyero
Asala from Inkonyero

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega September 29th 2009

Hello again from Kenya, It’s now Day 23 here and time is flying by! I am beginning to feel more at home here at Kakamega. Getting to know the area better, the people better etc. I feel more comfortable in my surroundings. I guess this is normal over time. I am even able to go running outside now, even though people stare at me and think I'm weird! People have been asking about how the town of Kakamega is like where we are living, so maybe I will try to explain. It’s a town with a plenty of people and plenty to see. The town is not very developed and looks pretty dirty. It has a main open market where you can go buy your fresh fruit and vegetables which is about a 5 minute walk ... read more
Our Muddy Road
ACCES Building
Candace & ACCES Office and Apartment

Africa September 27th 2009

Hello! Last weekend we got the opportunity to go to the Kakamega Rainforest which is only 30 minutes away from the ACCES office and apartment. It was truly an amazing experience! We stayed at this place called Rondo Retreat. Oh and what a retreat it was! You wouldn't even expect a place like this to exist around here. It is situated right in the middle of the rainforest. As soon as we arrived and got past the gates and tall hedges hiding this landmine, I felt like I was in pure heaven. It has five little colonial style cottages sitting on a very well kept garden with tall trees and exotic plants everywhere. The people were so friendly there. They took us to our room, the “Bob and Betty Room” which was in the main cottage ... read more
The Rainforest and our guide
More monkeys!

Africa September 21st 2009

Habari! It’s now Day 13 for us here and the days just keep getting more interesting each day I spend here in Kakamega, Kenya. We have been VERY lucky and have had non-stop electricity since we arrived, however, Tuesday last week our luck finally ran out! We ran out of power in the morning while I was working with David, the accountant, on his computer. It’s so crazy that this happens as I’m not used to it yet. I can’t even imagine this happening in Vancouver. If we don’t have electricity, then this means no computers. If our servers or internet go down for just 15 minutes back at home in Vancouver, the office goes crazy. I can’t imagine how my work or the rest of Vancouver could handle it for an ENTIRE day?! Here it’s ... read more
Karen with the kids of Tumaini school
Kids from Tumaini waiting in line for Uji meal
Smiles at Tumaini School

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega September 12th 2009

Hello everyone! Or as they say in Swahili, Habari!! We have finally made it to Kenya and are staying in the town called Kakamega which is in the Western Province of Kenya. Kakamega is a smaller town close to the Kakamega Forest Reserve part of a tropical rain forest with an array of wildlife like wild flowers, birds and monkeys. It is about an hour (bumpy!) drive north of Kisumu which is Kenya’s third largest towns set on the shores of Lake Victoria. It recently became even more popular with Obama’s father’s home town being very close to Kisumu. As soon as we got into Nairobi I saw a big advertisement with Obama’s face plastered all over it and even our key chains for our place we are living in have Obama on them! I don’t ... read more
Level 7 Kids at ACCES' Shitaho School
Smiles at Shitaho while waiting for Uji meal
Drinking water from the Shitaho's water well

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