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October 13th 2007
Published: October 13th 2007
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Hi guys,
here I am again from the Masai Mara in Kenya. The last day on Lake Naivasha was spent in the Hells Gate National Park, and to be honest it turned out to be a bit of a hell for me 😉. At first, we cycled about 15 k through stunning countryside. As it was early morning, i managed, although not being the fittest at the moment. We then got off our bikes and climbed through the gorge where Tomb Raider 2 was filmed. Although I once had the nickname Lara Croft, I didn't cope as well as she did, I can tell you that. As we had to climb down a waterfall i was about to go on strike and then was pretty much lifted down by our Kenyan Guide. Not very elegant, also very wet and dirty, I made it to the bottom. The worst part actually came afterwards, it was about one o'clock and we had to cycle back these 15 k in the midday heat. I was not impressed AT ALL, but hey, I made it!
On Thursday morning we headed for the Masai Mara. We entered the park early afternoon and soon spotted herds of zebras, wildebeest and gazelles. A real highlight was the elephant herd which crossed the road straight in front of our trucks, about 7 or 8 of them and two babies. Later on we also spotted a couple of lions in the bushes, and their almighty roar honestly gave me a bit of a fright...
We camped in the Masai on a gorgeous camp side, but as i was told before bed that i had to empty all food and any smelly stuff (for example toothpaste) out of the tent, as this might attract the lions, I didn't have the best night's sleep! I heard one of my fellow travellers leave his tent at about 3 in the morning, which was followed by another almighty roar which he stated afterwards could have been either an elephant, or him farting. That's the kind of company i'm in 😉!
We spent the following day in the Masai Mara as well, and the only really impressive sight was the Mara River, where you could spot lots of hippos and crocodiles. On a less cheerful note, hundreds of wildebeest had drowned at a rivercrossing there a couple of days ago, and they just lay there stinking and half eaten by the vultures and crocs. I will never forget that smell in my life!
That's the news from me, hopefully I will follow up with some photos soon.
Love to everyone at home xxx, Katja


15th October 2007

those drownings made the papers here, apparently it was particularly bad due to deforestation somewhere upriver, don't envy you having to smell that !
17th October 2007

Hi Katja, So glad you added us to your blog. I am reading aout y our adventures with great interest. As you say, it is the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy every minute - even the smelly bits! Lots of love from both of us Pat

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