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February 8th 2012
Published: February 8th 2012
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Gorge WalkGorge WalkGorge Walk

Hells Gate
What’s on my mind?

Will Al Shabaab bomb my local supermarket? Is it ok to go there at 8am to do my shopping? Will the ICC ruling about the last elections incite protests or violence? Will the elections be this year? Will there be peace?

Why does my helper’s son’s broken arm not get set properly? Why did they take their money and not fix it? Why don’t the government hospitals give free health care? Why did my helper have to demand care for her son? Why did 2 public hospitals tell them to come back in the morning? Why was it only a private hospital in the end that would help, which she can’t afford? Why is life not fair? Why, just because I was born in NZ, do I have the right to free health care and education?

4 years on, Kenya still gets to me. We take the bad with the good, and the good with the bad. We love Kenya, but sometimes life really is just unfair.

On a happier note, we have been entertaining Murrays family in January. Murray’s parents visited from NZ and Murray’s sister and family are living up country for a year. It’s great having family so close. Murray had some time off and we enjoyed a family trip to Naivasha, staying at Mugaa House, again 😊 We love it there, it’s so peaceful, the lake, the birds and the cooler weather. We did a few days trips from there. With the highlights being the gorge walk (with the most extreme ages in any group, 1yr-70yrs) and rock climbing at hells gate.

We celebrated Emma’s first birthday, her sisters enjoyed opening presents and blowing out her candle. Emma is such a delight; she loves to dance, is extremely cheeky, has an infectious laugh, and is very social but likes to stick close to those she knows well.

Charlotte and Hayley are enjoying school and had their sports day recently. They both did well and enjoyed the fun relays the teachers had planned. Hayley was a little too tired for her real running race and ended up bursting into tears on the start line when the whistle blew. Charlotte enjoyed all the races and did well after a slow start in her running race, she managed 3rd in her class (including the boys).

The house is quiet now, with Murray’s parents gone, Gillian and family are back up country, and Murray is in DRC. Murrays travel has started up again, so look out for his updates next month.



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A not so easy sectionA not so easy section
A not so easy section

in Grandma Audreys words "your joking, surely?" Hells Gate
The whanauThe whanau
The whanau

Hells Gate Gorge walk - we made it!
Emma tired outEmma tired out
Emma tired out

Gorge Walk - Hells Gate
Resting after a tough walkResting after a tough walk
Resting after a tough walk

Gorge Walk - Hells Gate
Ariana climbingAriana climbing
Ariana climbing

Hells Gate
Emmas 1 year old!Emmas 1 year old!
Emmas 1 year old!

Emmas 1st birthday
Baby bibleBaby bible
Baby bible

Emmas 1st birthday
More cake and presentsMore cake and presents
More cake and presents

Emmas 1st birthday
Emmas new drumEmmas new drum
Emmas new drum

Emmas 1st birthday

9th February 2012

Well done!
Nice walking and running everyone. Well done on getting out of that Gorge!
2nd March 2012

Wonderful Holiday !
Its not too late to comment on a wonderful holiday! Murray & Miriam really thought out some excellant things for us to do & places to go. Hell's gate was certainly unforgetable, but so were all the special family times. I am reliving it all as I look at Miriam's photos. Thank you both!!

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