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January 19th 2011
Published: January 19th 2011
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Jambo (Hi)

Have been to the Nairobi Office today, We have been organising the fire training for the staff and preparing the manual handling course for Uganda next week.

I spied some construction workers today climbing all over scaffolding today without any harnesses, If they fell they would be gone... very dangerous.

There are many street sellers here, they walk up and down the road with anything that they have to sell, in the middle of the road, it could be anything, newspapers, dresses, knickers, water, cd's, boomerangs - literally anything, - can you imagine people walking barefoot up the M4 selling all this stuff 😊 there would be even more mayhem than there currently is!

Dad - Spoke to the hotel staff today and Hurlingham Estate still exists infact it is a very upmarket part of Nairobi and very British too.

I have not seen much of Nairobi yet as we have been very busy so I do not have any pictures yet but I will leave you with this one picture, many of you will recall that when I forget a word I generally say "you know that errrrr dooburry" so I was impressed to discover that it either does actually exist or the chef forget the right word too


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