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November 28th 2007
Published: November 28th 2007
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Vulturine GuineafowlVulturine GuineafowlVulturine Guineafowl

(Acryllium Vulturinum)
For us, Sarara must rate as one of the loveliest places in Africa, certainly in Kenya. The lodge is exclusive, it can only accommodate about 5 couples, and the facilities are comfortable in the extreme where your every need is pre-empted. We have visited Sarara twice before, but as paying punters rather than passing DIY campers.

Its situation in a virgin African landscape, where there is no sign or sound of other human habitation other than the indigenous Samburu tribesmen, makes it almost exclusively unique. The whole area is run as a Game Conservancy project, heavily involving the local tribesmen who benefit financially from the arrangement. In consequence the wildlife has prospered, elephants abound, and other species thrive too. The birdlife around the camp area, let alone in the Conservancy itself, is wonderful and this morning Tish took us for a game drive for the first two hours of the day - starting as the sun came up.

Because of recent rains many of the animals are widely dispersed but we did see gerenuk, impala and kudu amongst a variety of other creatures too. But the birds don’t disperse, and they were prolific and exciting.

We are all spending today relaxing and enjoying this place, catching up on ‘admin’, myself in particular writing this Blog. Tomorrow is our last day - we hope to set off early from here so as to reach our destination, Ian and Chris’s home at Limuru, just north of Nairobi, by tea time. Thereafter I will write a conclusion to this saga when hopefully I will be in a position to add more photographs to share with you.


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