Mt. Kenya- Making it to the Top- Day 5

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August 21st 2009
Published: August 21st 2009
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We rose in the early morn yet again and as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes I realizied the air was thinner and the air was colder. I relaizied that we were getting closer and closer to the top of the mountain. We left the noisy Med. Station with high hopes of getting to the top of Mt.Kenya. We walked through more dense forest like scenery and we did this for several hours or more. We saw manymany types of animals like Water buffalos, monkeys, and we some more elephant tracks. The forest of Mt.Kenya was beautiful, so many plants and trees, all so full of life. Everything was beautiful, even the view of the actual mountain was pretty nice too. When we came across the swamp area that was tricky to get through but I managed to avoid much of the mud and use nature's obstacles to my own advantage to make the walk easier. After we made it out of the swamp with much relief and mud up to our ankles we entered a vast empty plains. We walked on the pathway that was high above the forest and we made it to a river and re-filled our cantees for a drink. We walked over rocks and stepped and climbed over a ledge until we found a suitable place to camp for the night. I still found it hard to sleep even though the monkeys weren't here. I guess everyone deciced to start singing and that was interesting and embarrassing. I laid my head down for another trekk to the top and hopefully we would make it.


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