Mt.Kenya Journey to the Med. Station- Day 4

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August 20th 2009
Published: August 20th 2009
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Today was the beginning of what would soon become a long journey. One that would take us miles across a mountain until we reached its frost bitten peak. We went to the entrance of Mt.Kenya and stood there and paid off the entrance fees for each challenger. We all stood there and were introduced to our mountain guides: Charles, Isac, and Robert. We all loaded up our supplies and got into the jeeps and entered the mountain. We drove across the gentle valleys and it was like looking at an evergreen heaven. The plain was vast and we drove until we reached the forest. We were driving through an open orange paved pathway and we were driven to the half way mark to the Med.Station. We were dropped off and we began the rest of the trekk through the forest. We trekked through many plants like bamboo and spotted some elephant tracks and dung. After we walked into the next part of the forest the view was beautiful. We made a few stops here and there and after the hours past and we made through the entire forest trekk and finally saw the Med. Station. With a relieved breath we set up camp for the day and prepared to purify our water. As I settled down I watched a monkey run into camp and run up a tree. It was funny to watch it run and hide from us but later when Nawfawl was getting water it started throwing small seeds at him which was funny. We awaited another meeting about the usual stuff and advice from our mountain guides and had dinner cooked by the cook David, which was better than I had expected. We all hung out for a little bit, played cards, and talked about things until it got really dark outside. After a long day the sun came down and we tried to sleep. But, the monkeys were screeching for a few hours in the night and it was dreadfully annoying. And what didn’t help was Ms.Genna screeched back which encouraged them even more. That was some night but I managed to somehow sleep through it.


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