Mt.Kenya- Making my way to the Mackendize hut- Day 6

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August 24th 2009
Published: August 24th 2009
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I suddenly woke up in shock of a dream I just had. I had dreamt someone had just poured a bucket of water over my head. It had all seemed so real until I realized I was actually drenched in water from torso to my legs and I was freezing cold and shivered in pain of the cold. Unfortunately I later realized there was a very small opening from my side of the tent door and it was snowing so the snow probably got onto me and melted on my warm body so that had explained why I was shivering cold. I couldnt sleep from then so I changed out of my wet thermals and got dressed so I went inside the hut to see if I could get something to eat. After we all had eaten and dressed we packed up our tents and bags and decided tp head out for another limb aching hike. As we hiked Alex had fallen to some illness and Nader was still recovering from his illness as well so we had to slow down a little bit so we wouldn't hurt their ill stricken bodies even more. As we hiked I realized it was becoming extremely cold. So cold that it began to hail so we had to huddle under the emergency tent until it stopped. My breathing was also harder and I felt with every breath the air became thinner and I felt weaker. Our mountain guides were very positive and they pushed us on. They helped us even though this hike felt like it would never end. I realize maybe the Kenyans were probably the most well mannered people I've met and even the ones that were slightly rude in comparison to the people in the Dubai community looked well mannered. After long hours of hiking and the perilious elements against us we had finally made it weary limbed and all to the Macknedize hut. We set up camp, had a delicious dinner, and laid our heads down for a well deserved rest.


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