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September 11th 2017
Published: September 11th 2017
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A large crowd of loved ones showing their support.
Don’t you just LOVE IT when the calendar of events line up just perfectly! How often does that happen right? Well it recently happen for us.

Friday, Sept 1st – Kwabena graduated from bible school.

Saturday, Sept 2nd – A national YWAM meeting for Kirk & I to attend

-- Children of the Light program for Cynthia & Kwabena to assist with

Sunday, Sept 3rd – Praise’s 14th birthday spent with Levi, one of his best buddies in life

The icing on the cake? Every one of these events took place in our capital city, Accra, which is a 12-15hr drive (drive time depends on the Market Days you meet on the way and traffic in Accra).

We are so proud of Kwabena! While Kirk and I were getting further training in Texas, Kwabena took the decision to attend bible school. Now three years later, his biological parents made a grand effort to attend the graduation ceremony. First working their way from the village to a city up country. Finally full of passengers, their bus set off at midnight (after two buses and a long
Kwabena's parentsKwabena's parentsKwabena's parents

He has always maintained a very good relationship with his family.
walk) they reached his campus at 6am. We all attended the 11am ceremony, took pictures and enjoyed the lovely lunch Kwabena had arranged for his visitors. About 2pm his parents began their return trip home (without sleep mind you – strong folks these Africans are!). Kwabena loaded his bags into our truck and joined us for the weekend in Accra.

I do not know if you are able to zoom in for a closer look at the picture. Kwabena looks just like his father. The father looks just like his own father (grandfather not shown). Ha, ha I suppose God enjoyed this particular design so much that He decided create three generations of the same look.

Now back in Damongo, projects, programs and further training are beginning to take shape. I (Christine) am working on creating some small-scale income generating projects for us. Ophelia and I are interested in developing a library/learning center. In order to do this … I need a rabbit pen! Confused about the connection between the two? My current rabbit collection is loose and living in our garage. If all goes well, the garage will eventually become the library. Kwabena
The Famous OrangusThe Famous OrangusThe Famous Orangus

A photo shoot on campus with (statue) Orangus. If you look closely you will see his large orangutan like head.
is my project manager for the month of September. He’s courageously agreed to hone his carpentry and masonry skills on my rabbit, chicken, snail pens and garden fence. The abundant weeds & greenery (rabbit food) will die off as the rains will soon end. Thinking ahead for me Shaibu, a local teenage boy, suggested that I plant a feed garden and water it regularly. Great idea!! My hope is that these projects will prosper enough that friends and neighbors would catch the vision.

Saturday morning I had a heavy workload. By noontime, my energy and smile had been depleted. I told Kirk, “Maybe you should go online and order some Italian Roast, Starbucks, instant packets. I could really use a cup of good tasting coffee about now.” He disappeared into our room. I think I saw angel’s wings peeking over his shoulders as he returned to the living room and handed me a packet of Starbucks. Awe, he brought tears to my eyes.

We watch from afar … Our hearts and prayers go out to those effected by the hurricanes on your side of the pond. I have witnessed the devastating damage a tornado
Cynthia & EmmanuelCynthia & EmmanuelCynthia & Emmanuel

To Emma (9mo), his mama is the most wonderful and beautiful person on this planet! We also think she's pretty special.
is capable of. I simply cannot imagine that of a hurricane.

Prayers in Abundance

Christine & Co


12th September 2017

What a wonderful update!!
So happy to hear your September calendar is coordinated by God Himself!! Love it! He is in fact doing the same on this end!! Continual prayers for all of you and your exciting endeavors!! <3

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