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August 28th 2017
Published: August 28th 2017
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A Sunday DriveA Sunday DriveA Sunday Drive

Praise is always up to something fun with Emmanuel
As you may well know, we have relocated. We are still in Ghana but working with a different tribe, culture and language group. Not everyone in the family was eager to move so in April we had a two week trial visit to our new area. By the end of the two weeks we were all of the same mind, 'let's move".

Who has moved? Well of course Kirk, Praise (soon to be 14) and myself. We also have Ophelia and Cynthia who were students in the remote village school in Apebouso. They are now young adults and eager to join in the work that we do. Emmanuel is among the group. He's our newest (Ghanaian) addition to the family (Born November 18, 2017).

At this time we are living in a nice little town. The girls, Praise and I visit a small settlement just on the edge of town. "New Day, New Story" is my new key phrase. The way these people keep us learning and laughing. Today three of the ladies, with babies tied on their backs, walked two miles to visit us in town. Our house and life style are as new and interesting to them
"The Girls""The Girls""The Girls"

Meet Ophelia (L) and Cynthia (R). Now young adults and ready to take on the world.
as theirs is to us. Today, for the first time in her life Amina (mother of 4 children) saw a gas stove/oven. Ha, ha, ha she jumped back with a shout of amazement when I lit the burner. We feel something is missing from our day if we don't spend a few hours with these wonderful people.

Kirk is building relationships with local pastors. One particular man, Abraham, was born and raised in this area. He is of the royal family. Which means he is in line to one day become chief. He and Kirk have similar interests and passions. Kirk is an excellent teacher and Abraham has the open doors to villages, culture and language skills. Together they will be a great team!

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Meet Emmanuel and his "squeeky lady"

You really can find just about anything in Ghana!

30th August 2017

Glad to hear all of you have settled in to your new place.

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