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March 22nd 2010
Published: March 22nd 2010
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Looking back at Busua BeachLooking back at Busua BeachLooking back at Busua Beach

This is the view from the Black Mamba Corner (a sweet, if not completely run down spot)
Hey all,
This is just a quickie update on life here... All (school, friends, social life) is well. I have been traveling a little bit on the weekends, since I'm trying not to miss too much school this semester. I'm taking a plant and animal ecology class that's pretty intensive and has four hour labs every week, so I guess in this way, I am more focused on school this time around. The lack of homework and once a week lectures still make engaging in my education challenging, but I am really enjoying what I have learned about development and international politics. Gues that poli-sci minor wasn't such a bad idea afterall...though last semester my Poli classes were pure misery...but I digress....

My French friend, Stephanie, and I traveled to Busua- which is where I spent my New Year's. Busua is near Takoradi, in the Western region, not too far from the Ivory Coast boder. It's a sleepy little town with hardly anything going on, besides it's killlllller waves. From the looks of it, this town is kind of dumpy, but if you know where to go, there are some places you'll never forget. Since there is literally nothing else
More of the estuaryMore of the estuaryMore of the estuary

Sooooo serene and beautiful
to do (oh darn!) we rented a boogy board and had a blast all day getting sun burned and catchin' waves! To save money, we stayed at this little guest house right across from the beach. The fan barely worked, and it didn't have running water, but it was definitely worth the money we payed, and oh the location! For dinner, we went up to the roof of the African Rainbow Hotel for a little dinner since we were saving so much on our accomodations, and watched the sun set over the whole town. This is one of the best places I have been in Ghana: stunning views of crashing waves, a breeze, and a killer sunset. I forgot I was in Ghana for a second...it was truly relaxing! Another awesome things about Busua is that we were there on the weekend and there were only maybe four other people on the entire beach. And the beach is immaculate! No trash here, thank you very much. And the wave set is to die for...! The list goes on...this place still rocks...

As always with travel in Ghana, the trip getting there was a little crazy, but basically worth it.
Heavenly ViewHeavenly ViewHeavenly View

This is what the view from the roof top of the African Rainbow Hotel looks like :) Gorgeous!
It involved tro-tros to the main station, waiting for another tro-tro to Takoradi to fill up, a hot and long ride to Takoradi, catching another tro-tro to Agona Junction, and then finishin off the day by paying wayyyyy too much for a cab out to Busua...whatever...I would do anything to catch waves these days 😊

More on my travels in a bit (I saw elephants, so stay tuned!) ...I have to go to a meeting with my program coordinator about getting last semester's grades reevaluated...the grading system here is insane but I really can't even go into details without wanting to go nuts...ha!

Love You Miss You

Additional photos below
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View of BusuaView of Busua
View of Busua

It's such a cute, quaint little fishing village
Estuary near BusuaEstuary near Busua
Estuary near Busua

This is a beautiful little estuary type area near town
More Heavenly ViewMore Heavenly View
More Heavenly View

Another shot of the view of Busua Beach from the roof
Postcard ShotPostcard Shot
Postcard Shot

Ty, you'll appreciate this "postcard" shot of the perfect waves (and traditional fishing boat in the back ground)
Walkway to the BeachWalkway to the Beach
Walkway to the Beach

Here's a picturesque little walkway to le beach!
View of the Island offshoreView of the Island offshore
View of the Island offshore

There's a really small island with like 3 palm trees just offshore...soooo adorable

Like I said its immaculate...maybe I shouldn't be sharing this with the world..

27th March 2010

Hey Robin, I enjoyed your Africa post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for some good travel photos. If you have the time email, us some at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com or check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on your travels, Eric
18th April 2010

i miss you
never thought of you as a surfer chick, but then, you never cease to amaze me. Can't see pics on Grandpa's computer, at least right now. But will check them on Ann's computer when I get home. I'll be in Redding on the 23rd of April. I am moving to OKlahoma for sure, unless something changes my mind. I like a lot of things there and will feel at home, I think. Had a great time with sister Faith and David. How to get all my plants there? Scottie, beam us up! More later. I'm here until the 23rd, said that already. This place is rubbing off on me! Love, Momma

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